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Week of October 12th, 2003 | The weather was really nice .

Mom's new car!

Mom's new car!

The weather is nice. Tree leaves are turning color and falling all over the place. Fall is my favorite time of the year. I wrote a poem a few years ago about the season of fall. I'd like to share it with you.

My favorite season is fall
I think it is the most colorful of all.
Orange, green, red, yellow, brown
All the leaves fall to the ground.
Jumping in a pile of leaves can be fun
Just like watching the setting sun.
School starts in the fall
Same as football.
I look forward to be in the marching band
And blow my trombone on the field and in the stands.
Then comes Halloween with Trick-or-Treats
I sure like the candy sweets.
And of course, the weather becomes colder
And shorter is the day
That doesn't give me much time to play.

There are many reasons
Why this is my favorite season.
I also enjoy the work of each day
There's a lot to do besides play.
This is the time of year that harvest comes in.
We fill our corncribs and our bins.
I run the combine after school
I think it is really cool.
Ear by Ear,
Corn by Corn,
It all goes into the combine.
We celebrate Thanksgiving in the fall
And share a meal with all.
Before we eat, we always pray
For all we receive every day.
These are all the reasons why I like fall
It's the best time of all!

Mom and Dad went to Lanesboro, Minnesota on Sunday. It's about an hour and a half drive from home. The fall leaves are just turning color. They enjoyed an afternoon of shopping in the craft and antique stores, went to a play at the community theater, and that evening had a very delicious dinner at one of the local restaurants. They stayed overnight at a Bed and Breakfast and came home on Monday. It was a relaxing overnight getaway for their anniversary. I did the evening Sunday chores and again Monday morning before school.

Mom purchased a car this past week! She traded our 1995 Pontiac Bonneville in for a 2001 four door Pontiac Grand Prix SE. It is really nice! It has a sunroof, six CD changer, comfortable seats, lots of extras, and is a silver gray color. I really like it! We really needed a different car. Our old one had many miles!! Also this past week, we harvested our soybeans. Dad hired our neighbor to harvest them with a John Deere 6600 combine. While this is an older combine, it is in good shape. The combine is a combination of harvester and thresher, cuts the soybean plants from the ground. Then, the plants are separated from the soybean pods. Next, the pods are separated from the soybeans. Afterwards, the soybeans go through an extra cleaner and stored in a tank until the combine tank is full. The soybean pods and plants are thrown on the ground behind the combine. When the combine tank is full of grain, then it is emptied into a wagon or grain truck. Finally, the grain is usually hauled to a grain bin for storage.

Dad and I hauled with the grain truck and the John Deere 4020 tractor and a grain wagon. We had to transport the loads of soybeans to Alta Vista. There, the loads were weighed. Then, we hauled it to the grain bin where we are storing our organic soybeans this year. Afterwards, we hauled the wagons back to town to get it weighed empty. (We subtract the two weights to find the weight of soybeans, and calculate how many bushels of soybeans.)

Friday night, Dad had the ear corn picker all ready to start picking corn. I was so eager to pick corn, that without Dad's permission, I started the picker up. I picked corn in one of our cornfields. Everything was going well. After moving about 100 feet, the corn head (front end of picker that collects the corn) stopped. I slammed on the clutch and brakes and then I heard a loud BANG!!! I shut the picker off and found a broken chain. I didn't think much of it. Saturday morning, Dad and I started to fix the picker and found out it was a serious breakdown. A shaft was broken, another bent, a chain broken, and some metal was damaged. We knew we wouldn't get any corn picked on Saturday. By the afternoon, it became windy and it rained, so we wouldn't have been able to pick anyway. Hopefully, we will pick corn by next Tuesday.

Mom and Dad went to a wedding Saturday afternoon. It was a friend of theirs that got married. I did the evening chores while they were gone.

Farm Fact: This year, we only yielded an average of 19.5 bushels of soybeans per acre. This is very low. Soybeans should yield about 50-60 bushels per acre. Many farmers are having trouble with good yielding soybeans this year and recent past years. Our soybean quality is very good, though.

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