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Week of September 15th, 2002 | The weather was cooling down.

Our new fence.

Our new fence.

As a whole year has passed, America still remembers 9/11. I still remember the exact moment when I found out and how I found out about the terrorist attacks, as if it were just yesterday. I remember riding the school bus to school that morning a year ago. I looked out the bus window and found a pretty day upon us with a bright shining sun. I had gym class first in my school day's schedule. When I was walking away from the gymnasium, I overheard some teachers saying "The Pentagon, too?" My class and I were wondering what they meant. As I walked upstairs back to my classroom after gym was over, I saw my teacher standing in the hallway. She pointed to her classroom. I will never forget the worried look on her face. I never saw her so worried before. Little did I know what was going on. As I entered my classroom, there was silence amongst the students because everyone's attention was drawn to the TV screen. I was puzzled as to what they were watching. After sitting down at my desk and listening to the TV screen, I am hearing the reports of the World Trade Center towers being hit by airplanes. I was stunned. I couldn't believe it. Then, I found out that another plane had crashed into the Pentagon. Who would even think of doing such a thing? I thought about Pearl Harbor. I thought of the many people who were killed and with no warning. I thought of what I read about President Franklin Delano Roosevelt and how he took the tragedy in. I thought about what happened and what could happen in the near future. Would we have a war with this attack in New York City and Washington, D.C.?

I found out about the plane that went down in Pennsylvania after I got home from school. Dad was sitting in his chair in front of the TV all day. Jolene came home afterwards. I still could not believe what the TV was telling us. Mom had to work that day. The customers she took care of that day and the days to come were also in disbelief. 9/11 has affected all of us. I learned more about the history and facts of the twin towers throughout this past year. I learned that the first time in Aviation History that America had to shut down all the airline flights for over 24 hours. I read about the many heroes on Flight 93, in the towers, and at the Pentagon.

This past week, mom, dad, and I watched many specials on TV in remembrance of the horrible tragedy one year ago. I am still sad over the loss of so many people who did nothing more that terrible morning, but to go about their business of daily life. Innocent lives lost, and for what reason? We all move forward living our daily lives, yet we will never forget this tragedy in our American history.

Our school helped remember the anniversary of 9/11 by doing community service around the area. My group wood chipped trees around our school. Others painted buildings, cleaned parks, and organized our school trophy cases. This was a part of our school Character Counts program. Now that I am on the school newspaper staff, I am expected to write articles from time to time throughout the school year. My first article I wrote was about our Character Counts projects this past week.

As September is passing, the weather is cooling down. Dad and I have to wear jackets to do chores now. Leaves are changing color and are falling to the ground. This is a sign that summer is leaving and fall is coming.

Monday, Dad purchased a used slinger spreader. A slinger spreader is a special manure spreader that spreads the manure out from the side, not from the back. This is more suitable for our needs. We can use this machine to pile our manure for composting as well as spreading eggshells.

Throughout the rest of the week, Dad finished the fencing project he started earlier. He drove all of the post and wired the fence. Since I was at school, Dad had to build a tripod to hold the fence post while he used the loader to push it in the ground. I think Dad did a nice job. Also, on Wednesday morning, Dad sold 5 hogs. Dad and Sammy done the job all by themselves!

Friday evening, Dad and I moved the cattle across the road. The pasture that they were in was grazed and needs to rest. After we moved the cows to a new pasture across the road we worked on a small fencing repair project. Later, we saw three cows were out and walking along the road. They walked from the roadside down into the ditch and all three were eating apples from a tree. Dad forgot to shut the gate to the cow's new pasture! Dad chased the cows back in. They really wanted to stay and eat those apples. Luckily, it was only three cows instead of the whole herd!

Farm Fact: We have to maintain about 7 miles of fencing on our farm. Half of it is barbwire and the other half is smooth wire that is electric. It is tricky to maintain all of the wire that prevents the animals from breaking out. The deer running through fence and damaging it causes the worst problem.

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