Making Hay
Week of June 9th, 2002 | The weather was normal.

Our new garden/lawn bench.

Our new garden/lawn bench.

Hello everyone! The temperatures are normal- 85 to 90 degrees Fahrenheit. We got a lot of high priority jobs done this week. We finished planting beans, we rotary hoed corn, and we cut hay. In our spare time, Dad and I built a garden/lawn bench for Mom.

Monday, Dad and I went to a sale yard and bought a windrower. A windrower is a machine that cuts oats, wheat, or barley and stacks it on a pile. This pile usually is called a windrow. Next, a combine picks this pile up and harvests the grain from the stem. The stems are repiled and baled into straw for bedding. I will place a picture of this machine in the glossary very soon.

Dad sold 5 hogs Wednesday while I was working on the lawn bench. I first drew out a pattern. I got ideas from one of my woodworking magazines and from photos that Mom took of another lawn bench she saw last fall when they were vacationing out east. I used my new band saw to cut the wood. I than screwed the pieces of wood together. Dad helped me out with the general layout and holding the pieces while I fastened them together, but I basically did the bench myself. It took about 5 - 6 hours to build it. I started it on Wednesday and finished it the next day in between other jobs we were doing.

Jess can't come home for Father's Day, so she came home on Thursday instead. She gave Dad his Father's Day present and gave me my Birthday present. My birthday is on the 16th, Father's Day. Jess said I could open the present right away. It was the book, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. I was so happy because I had the other three books read and I was waiting for the fourth! So far, I am on page 100 out of 734 pages! Well, Jess got to see the finished garden bench when she was home for the day. She's working in Minnesota this summer and likes her job a lot.

Also, on Thursday, I worked ground for Dad so he could finish planting the soybeans. I used the disc and the drag on the John Deere 7405 tractor. I think it is quite a load on the tractor, but it still can pull it! I finished working the 34-acre field Friday and Dad planted about 30 acres of soybeans that day. He didn't quit until 10:00 that night! Dad was afraid that it was going to rain, so he planted until he ran out of seed. Dad finished Saturday morning.

We had 20 acres of hay cut on Wednesday and we raked it Saturday. The hay is ready to bale, but our custom baler did not have time to show up. This is okay since they changed the forecast to no rain. We will get it baled by Monday.

Friday night, my classmate from St. Joseph Community School had a pizza party for our whole class that graduated together. It was really nice of he and his family to do this. We all ate a lot and played video games. It was fun! Saturday night we went to Jolene's friends' graduation party. That was fun, too.

Farm Fact: Hay is very important on this farm. We use every bale of hay to feed our cowherd in the wintertime when there is no grass available. We usually store our hay in a large hoop building built for this purpose. This year, we have about 50 acres of hay that will be baled for our 80 cows.

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