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Week of March 30th, 2003 | The weather was really cold .

Seed ready for pick up.

Seed ready for pick up.

Hello everyone! The weather was okay the first part of the week, but on Friday and Saturday, it was really cold! Sure made us wish for warmer spring weather! I had spring break this week, so I was home on Thursday and Friday from school.

Sunday was the John Deere 7405 tractor's birthday! It turned 2 years old! It was also the John Deere 740 loader's birthday, too! I remember 2 years ago when Dad surprised me with the brand new tractor and loader parked in the yard after school one day.

Monday, Dad sold 3 tons of feed to customers in the Organic Valley Pork Pool. He also built rafters for another grain pup that we have. The rafters will help hold a roll top tarp in place. Dad took this grain pup down to a welding shop in New Hampton. The shop built a gooseneck hitch on the front end. This hitch can be removed for tractor use. A gooseneck hitch is a tall hitch for pickup truck use. The hitch is mounted in the bed of the truck and not on the rear bumper. In last week's picture, the grain pup had a gooseneck hitch.

Dad finished the grain pup rafters on Tuesday. On Wednesday, Dad started replacing teeth on the pony cart harrow that we bought a few weeks ago. The old teeth are dull and won't work as well as new ones. That night, I attended a spring break party at the school of religion that I go to in New Hampton. We watched two movies- Sweet Home Alabama (I really enjoyed that one) and The Ring (I didn't really like that). Even though I only liked one of the movies, the party was fun!

Mom didn't have to work Thursday, so Mom, Dad, and I took the Ford pickup and the livestock trailer to Mason City, Iowa, to pick up a roll top tarp for the grain pup. Then, we went to the Albert Lea Seed House in Albert Lea, Minnesota, to purchase organic barley seed and corn seed for our farm. This is another example of the different tasks the livestock trailer is used for. We also picked up seed for our neighbor, too. In the picture above, you can see some of the seed ready to be picked up by customers. The seed house is full of stacks of seed. Right now, they are expanding their business. Many semi trucks get loaded out for commercial hauling. I really enjoyed viewing the store.

After the seed house stop, we went to Kasson, Minnesota, to see the school that my sister, Jess, teaches at. After touring the school, we went out for supper. Jess' friend came with us. We ate at a very nice restaurant in Mantorville. My meal was very delicious! We want to visit this town again. It's just north of Kasson. It was a neat town, but because it was raining and rather late, we didn't get a chance to see much of it. It was raining the whole day! We got 3/4 of an inch of rain.

Friday, Dad brought the grain pup home from the welding shop. I also brought the John Deere 7405 tractor home from our local dealership after an inspection. We had it inspected because the 2-year warranty is up. They check the tractor for any defects that would be covered by the company.

Also that day, Dad and I cleaned out the farrowing house in the barn. Now, the room is empty and the floor is all clean. I can start moving some tools in there and make a woodworking shop for the summer time!

Dad and I worked on installing the roll top tarp on the grain pup on Friday and Saturday. After it was finished, the tarp looked really good on the grain pup. I even welded some pieces on the wagon to help Dad finish it. This grain pup will be useful for our feed business. We have two of these pups now.

Saturday afternoon, Dad helped me work on a school project for industrial arts (shop class). I built a model of an electric vehicle. I had a wooden platform, three wheels, pulleys, belts, battery, and a working electric motor. This model can go about 3 feet per second. I liked doing this project. I hope I get a good grade on it!

Farm Fact: A few years ago, you could not find any organic seed in the country. Now, because of the growth in organic farms and the requirements in the National Organic Program there is a major growth in organic seed business. Albert Lea Seed House is expanding their offerings because of the organic seed demand. We observed entire shelves dedicated to organic vegetable seeds. There were no commercially available organic veggie seeds a few years ago.

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