Making Hay
Week of November 3rd, 2002 | The weather was snowing on Sunday night.

Spinner spreader scattering seed.

Spinner spreader scattering seed.

Hello! Dad and I have been very anxious to finish up with the corn harvest!

Sunday, Mom, Dad, and I watched our farm coverage on TV!!! We were on the "Business Unusual" show on CNN News at 3:00 PM Eastern. It was exciting to see Dad talk, Sammy riding the ATV, and me bedding the hogs! I thought the show was really good! It will be re-airing on CNN, Wednesday, November 6, 7:00 PM Eastern or 6:00 PM our time here in the Midwest. This will be a segment of the show called "Your Money." I can't wait until I see it again!

It snowed 2 inches by Monday morning. I shoveled my way to the school bus. When I came home from school, all the snow had melted. Dad moved some sows into a harvested bean field that day. The sows can be fed off of any soybeans that the combine did not harvest. The sows can be in there for a whole month. This saves feed for them as well as soybeans being wasted in the field. Dad moved the cowherd into a field of harvested corn on Tuesday for the same reason.

Also on Tuesday, Dad removed a bulk bin that we want to replace. This bulk bin was small and is kind of old. Dad has another bulk bin that is newer and a lot bigger in size that he purchased a while ago. This bulk bin will take its place.

One-Stop Forestry came on Tuesday to plant trees. One-Stop Forestry is the name of a forestry business. They have planted many of our trees. On Tuesday, they planted a little over an acre. This week's photo shows the tractor and spreader spreading seeds of red oak, white oak, burr oak, ash, black walnut, and cherry. The landscape of our farm will really change as the trees grow over the next years. It should be interesting watching them grow. I wonder what it will look like 20 years from now.

It dried up on Wednesday, so Dad picked corn. He only picked a few loads when the ear corn picker broke down. One of the steel rollers that cleans the corn got worn down and stopped moving. Dad had to take apart the cleaning rollers to fix this. Dad also had to go to Waukon for parts. This took most of the day on Thursday.

While Dad was traveling through Decorah, he stopped at a health food store. There, Dad found Organic Valley's new product, Organic Eggnog. Dad and Mom tasted this new product while they were in Washington D.C. in early October at the Natural Products Expo East show. They really liked it and couldn't wait until it would be out on the shelf in stores. It was a nice surprise when he brought it home. It's SOOOO GOOOD!!!!

Friday, Dad picked more ear corn. He got 3 out of our 4 corncribs filled, and we had a lot more corn left to pick


Saturday, I picked corn while Dad filled the last corncrib. After the crib was full, we ran into a problem. We still had a couple of acres left to pick and nowhere to go with the corn! I picked three grain wagons full of ear corn and that finished the harvest! The wagons stand full with ear corn parked in the field. We will have our custom-hired corn sheller man come and shell these loads. We will put the shelled corn into one of our grain bins.

Also on Saturday, we had some of our land tiled. The tile removes excess moisture from the ground so the fields won't get too wet. It was fun watching the tile machine put the tile in.

Farm Fact: How do we keep the water fountains (out in the pastures) from freezing during the cold late fall nights? We let the water in the fountains run over just a little bit. It will create a little muddy mess, but it will keep the water from freezing. It costs very little and works in very cold weather.

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