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Week of May 5th, 2002 | The weather was cool at night.

Spring time on the farm!

Spring time on the farm!

Hi to all! The temperatures are getting better, but we still had pretty cool nights this past week. I hope the weather continues to warm up throughout the remainder of the month.

Sunday, Mom, Dad, and I went to Jolene's last band concert in high school. This is the spring concert where seniors are recognized for their accomplishments in band. Jolene played a trombone solo during the program. She recently wrote a trombone quartet titled "At Daybreak." It was performed by Jolene, another trombone student, her band teacher, and his son. Everyone really liked it! Jolene won many awards including Senior Music Award, Outstanding Festival Performance Award, Bandmasters Award, John Philip Sousa Award, and Louis Armstrong Jazz Award. We were really proud of her.

Tuesday, at school, my class went fishing at a local pond with the kindergarten class. Dad helped supervise the outing. It was a fun morning, even though nobody caught anything. After school, Dad and I started plowing a hay field that we finished spreading manure on last week. This field is about 34 acres and we plowed it in 11 hours. Dad finished the field on Wednesday.

Dad washed the farrowing room in the barn on Thursday. He used a power washer and now, the floor is very clean. While Dad was doing chores Friday, he walked down to the farm pond to check the wildlife habitat. Dad was walking near the water on the south side of the pond when something came swimming out! Guess what it was? Two Canadian Geese and five baby goslings! The baby goslings can swim, but they cannot fly. Dad, Mom, and I walked to the pond that night and I took pictures of them. They are so cute! I will need to go down today and check them again! Spring is a time for birth. The animals and birds give birth, just as a rebirthing or renewing of the trees, grass, and flowers. In the picture above, you see geese with their baby goslings and the cows with their baby calves. I feel so happy during springtime when you have a chance to see all the new life in your own backyard. It's fun to take a walk and experience the sounds, the smells, and new growth of spring. You can watch the trees grow and bud, the flowers bloom, plants and grass turn green, and mother animals care for their young.

Saturday, Dad and I brought all of the father cows (bulls) home. One bull did not want to be corralled in the yard and we had a little trouble getting him in. They need to be separated right now so mother cows will not breed and have calves during the cold winter. The bulls stay in the cattle yard until about the middle of July. This way, mother cows will give birth to their calves about the middle of April next year. Saturday afternoon, Dad and I planted trees. We cleared our old grove and now, we are planting new trees. This took all afternoon. We had to drag the ground to level the surface, mark where the trees will be planted, plant the trees, and drag the ground again. The ground needs to be flat so we can mow the lawn with the lawnmower. We also planted a cover crop of oats to keep the weeds down.

Saturday night, Jolene attended her high school prom. She looked really nice in her red dress.

Local people are signing petitions against hog confinement sites in Chickasaw County. I hope many people will sign the petition and that it can make a difference.

Farm Fact: There are about 30 new calves now. Dad found a cow with twins! We haven't seen that for two years. Some calves can look like their mothers. For instance, we have a mother cow that has a white face with black hair around her eye. Her calf looks just like that. Now on the other hand, some mothers and calves don't look at all like each other. We have a charlois mother that is an off white in color and her baby is a light brown.

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