Making Hay
Week of August 8th, 2004 | The weather was cool and wet.

This is a photo of me.

This is a photo of me.

Hello readers,

This week I've got another letter from Samantha in Maine. I hope you are enjoying the summer!


Dear James,

This month on the farm a lot has been happening. Mostly Natasha and I have been working for Bill Rupert picking strawberries, blueberries and raspberries. Other than that are main attention is the garden.

All the sheep have been moved out to the fields. We are only going to one farmers market now .

My mom is working on cheese and other products for the Common Ground Fair in September.

My dad is working on baling hay and working on second crop of silage.

The newest animals on the farm are pigs, ducks and geese. We are soon getting baby chickens.

School starts in a few weeks.

In the gardens the vegetables are coming along very well, like the tomatoes, cucumbers, carrots, beans, and so on.The grape vines have little green grapes on them, and we use the leaves to make rolled stuffed grape leaves, a type of wrapped food that we have once every month for a fancy dinner party.

Samantha Varney

Farm Fact: An important way of saving money is saving seed. When possible, we keep varieties separate, clean and place this seed in bags. This saves us about $10 an acre of beans and about $5 an acre of oats. We have to buy all of the corn seed and sometimes we have to buy soybean and oat seed as well.

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