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Our Right to Know: Organizations Take Action for Labeling of GMOs

by Katherine DiMatteo, President of the Board of IFOAM  on July 18, 2011

This past month I’ve found myself neck deep in thinking and talking about genetic engineering. Not about the science, but about the current state of affairs. Recently the unrestricted approval of Round-Up Ready alfalfa, the legal ... read more…

Fish in the Fields? You Bet! Getting Creative with On-Farm Sustainability

by Kelly and Pete Mahaffy, Organic Valley Gen-O farmers from Oregon  on July 04, 2011

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An Organic Future for Healthier Kids

by Erik Hoffner, writer for and Orion magazine  on May 16, 2011

Eric Hoffner invites us to consider what future, if any, agricultural shortcuts like organophosphate pesticides should have in a society that loves its kids. read more…

A Look at Local

by Chef Mary Cleaver  on April 12, 2011

To me, great food means local, seasonal food, and knowing the people who grew it or raised it. During more than thirty years in the food business, my understanding of the superior quality of local food has become an emphatic and p... read more…

Get the Truth About Food on FrogTV

by Theresa Marquez, chief marketing executive for Organic Valley  on April 04, 2011

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