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GM Alfalfa: What's Happening Now

by George L. Siemon, Organic Valley CEO  on January 25, 2011

I want to share with the organic and food community my experience and struggle to stop Roundup Ready® Alfalfa (RR-Alfalfa) from being released. This struggle began in 2005 when Monsanto first sought approval, and it is now coming ... read more…

Action Alert: Public Comment Needed on Ban Triclosan Petition by Feb. 7, 2011

by Jay Feldman, Executive Director of Beyond Pesticides  on January 20, 2011

 read more…

If You Need More Reasons to Go Organic…

by Jay Feldman, Executive Director of Beyond Pesticides  on January 16, 2011

With the passage of the FDA Food Safety Modernization Act and the focus on food-borne diseases often associated with conventional, chemical-intensive food production, it is a good time to remind ourselves about the importance of o... read more…

Safe Food in a Natural World

by Jo Ann Baumgartner, Director of Wild Farm Alliance  on January 10, 2011

The feeling that the world is going to be all right often comes to me when outdoors standing by a clear running stream or in a prairie pasture with wildflowers glinting in the sunlight. It’s the beauty and, I suspect, the function... read more…

Entering 2011: More than the Bottom Line in Mind

by George Siemon, CEO of Organic Valley/CROPP Cooperative  on January 03, 2011

Life is more than money. Life includes the values of health, culture, community and family—and so, too, should business. We are all taking part in a greater social experiment when we stop to ask important questions: What is good h... read more…

Seasonal Pursuit: Organic Eating in Winter

by Terese Allen, Organic Valley Food Editor  on December 12, 2010

Terese Allen invites you to enjoy eating with the seasons year round - even in northern climates - as a culinary adventure. read more…

Where Have All the Farmers Gone?

by Andy Radtke  on November 30, 2010

Is there a farm crisis? Andy Radtke muses on why there are now so few people on farms, that farming is no longer included as an occupation in the U.S. Census. read more…

Showing 15-21 of 40

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