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by Theresa Marquez, chief marketing executive for Organic Valley  on April 04, 2011

So what does a three-eyed, hermaphroditic frog have to do with food? Join FrogTV to meet Mr. Triball and his friend and student, Diego, as each Friday they reveal startling news about our food.

With a bent to be entertaining while being honest, FrogTV was conceived two years ago, birthed in the frustration of witnessing an escalating food, health and environmental crisis. Through FrogTV, we wanted to bring more awareness to what is behind the production of our food and inspire the public to learn more about the issues so they could be well-equipped to take more control of their health. Looking around, we were disappointed that major newspapers and magazines don’t cover critical food issues fairly. And so we set out to demystify hormone mimicry and endocrine disruption and genetic engineering and more.

Animation was immediately attractive because it is capable of adding a quirky humor to serious topics. But coming up with topics was the most fun. We learned that, indeed, “Truth is stranger than fiction.” Using resources from The Organic Center to verify the science, our writers and animators dove in, distilling the mass of heavy information down to short, easy to “digest” webisodes (pun intended).

Mr. Triball, our teacher and three-eyed frog, is wise and battle weary. Diego, a young teen, is the inquisitive explorer. But who is this Triball and where did he come from? FrogTV webisodes often happen right in your back yard. In fact, one blogger who watched “FROGotten Genders,” a 2-minute webisode that explains why frogs get confused while mating, commented that the frogs had disappeared in the creek behind their house.

Our hope is that FrogTV can be a learning tool and more. FrogTV webisodes can be shared with friends and family; they will encourage people to talk freely about the issues, challenge our food production system, and as we learn more, do more: grow our own food, care about where our food comes from, and of course, do everything we can to reduce the contaminants in our environment and in our bodies.

Join Triball and Diego every Friday as they unearth the hidden truths about our food at FrogTV online and on Facebook.

Theresa Marquez has been involved in food and farming since the mid 1970s, wearing a variety of hats throughout the past 35 years. She has served on the Board of Directors of the Organic Trade Association (OTA) and The Organic Center,  a nonprofit organization dedicated to proving the benefits of organic, and she has served on the Oregon Tilth Certification Advisory Board. As the Chief Marketing Executive for Organic Valley, Theresa has been the driving force behind many creative and artful organic education programs—the most recent being FrogTV, launched in early 2011. FrogTV is also sponsored by the Farmers Advocating For Organics (FAFO) granting fund.

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