Organic Valley Kickapoo Kitchen Tent

The Kitchen is the Heart of every home, and in this case, the Organic Valley Kitchen and Pantry Tent is the heart of the Kickapoo Country Fair!  It is the place to go to taste, celebrate, and learn about the food, farmers and the people that make the Driftless Region so unique!

The Kitchen and Pantry tent is free to all fair-goers, and promise satisfying experiences and flavors to please every palate:

-Try your hand at making corn tortillas, go to the farmers market with a distinguished chef, or get educated about coffee from the top micro roaster in America.

-Learn from chefs, cookbook writers and other experts about how to make cheese, raw fermented vegetables and pantry staples.

The Organic Way (ongoing product sampling)

10:00am - 3:00pm Saturday
10:00am - 4:00pm Sunday

Do you know who's your farmer? Stop by the Kitchen Tent and meet an Organic Valley farmer, who can tell you about all the benefits of knowing where your food comes from. Listen to your farmer's stories and have an opportunity to ask them questions. Then, enjoy samples of Organic Valley's milk, new drinkable yogurt, award-winning butter and cheese products. 

Saturday Kitchen

10:00 – 3:00: The Organic Way – Sampling Organic Valley Products

10:00 – 12:00: Corntilla! (Corn Tortillas): Theresa Marquez

Come children of all ages, we'll create homemade corn tortillas that will spice up any locavore's meal.  Let's get our hands into the masa and have a ball!

Theresa Marquez has been making tortillas since she visited a friend living in Southern Mexico. “It was so delightful to see my friend Anna whip up two dozen tortillas from the large hunk of dough in her refrigerator (that I expect is replenished frequently), in less than 20 minutes.   I still have my tortilla press and have been making tortillas since the 1970s.  At a birthday party for one of my children, I took out the press and instantly the children wanted to gather around and of course take over! What I learned was that making tortillas is fun and easy, and delicious with melted cheese or sautéed veggies.  And of course, bring on that homemade salsa!”  Theresa has been involved with the organic movement and emerging organic industry for as long as she has been making tortillas. 

12:30 – 3:00: Grilled Cheese and Summer Smoothies: Janine MacLachlan

Learn quick and easy ways to add that new touch to your grilled cheese and summer smoothie.  Sample some of each and take home some recipes!

Janine MacLachlan is a self-described farm groupie.  She teaches farmstand cooking classes at Pinecone Meadow Farm, her 1881 farmhouse in southwest Michigan’s orchard belt, and consults with companies to encourage home cooking.  In 2009 she road tripped across eight Midwestern states to research her upcoming book Seasonal Markets of the Heartland to be published by University of Illinois Press. She has served on the board of Chicago’s Green City Market, a farmers market that supports a diverse range of sustainably-produced foods, and has been an advisor to Slow Food Chicago.  Her web site is

4:00 – 6:30: Special Event - Beer, Cheese and Chocolate Pairing: Mark Knobel and Jeanne Carpenter

$10.00 entry fee – Tickets Available at the Ticket Tent

Presented by Sand Creek Brewery and Wisconsin Cheese Originals

Your  guides Mark Knobel and Jeannne Carpenter will take you on a tasting  tour of various styles of Wisconsin craft beers matched with artisanal cheese and chocolate. Attendees will hear the story of the people and the processes behind each unique and delicious sample.

Mark Knobel is brew master at  Sand Creek Brewery, Black River Falls, WI. Jeanne Carpenter is Executive Director of Wisconsin Cheese Originals

Saturday Pantry

10:00 – 11:30: Farmstead Cooks: Savor, Save and Celebrate: Lisa Kivirist

What’s the key ingredient to eating healthy, saving money and stewarding the planet for generations to come?  A return to our nation’s farmstead roots of independence, self-sufficiency and frugality, blended with the spice of modern living and a passion for transforming our planet. Whether you’re a dedicated urbanite or rural dweller, discover simple tips for homegrown and homemade cooking, from preserving the harvest to stocking the pantry to building local community around your kitchen table. Join author Lisa Kivirist for fresh approaches to homesteading, including savoring your garden’s abundance and creating homemade pantry staples.

Lisa Kivirist, a distinguished Kellogg Food & Society Policy Fellow, is co-author, with her husband, John Ivanko, of the award-winning ECOpreneuring:  Putting Purpose and the Planet Before Profits and Rural Renaissance:  Renewing the Quest for the Good Life, Capturing the American Dream of FarmLliving for Contemporary Times. Kivirist directs the MOSES Rural Women’s Project, writes the Women, Food & Agriculture Network (WFAN), Hobby Farm Home, and is a lead writer for Renewing the Countryside, an organization showcasing rural entrepreneurial and agricultural success stories. She and her family run the award-winning Inn Serendipity Bed and Breakfast on their farm in southwest Wisconsin, completely powered by renewable energy and considered amongst the “Top Ten Eco-Destinations in North America.” 

11:30 – 1:00: Farmers Market to Table: Monique Jamet Hooker

How often do you go to the farmers market and get overwhelmed with the idea of preparing a meal from all the different types of produce available?  Attend this workshop and that will never happen to you again!  Chef Monique Hooker will take you to the farmers market and back to the kitchen to show ways to prepare wonderful meals from the bounty of the market. Come with an open mind and questions! Monique Jamet Hooker is a chef, author, teacher and former restaurant owner-best described as a culinary pioneer.  Her distinguished career in the culinary arts began in France and has spanned four decades and two continents.   Chef Hooker advocates the use of fresh, seasonal ingredients in the preparation and presentation of original dishes.  Her first book Cooking With The Seasons: A Year In My Kitchen, co-authored with Tracie Richardson, received the “Best Cookbook of the Year” award from the International Cookbook Revue Magazine.  She currently lives in southwestern Wisconsin and continues to teach, lecture and demonstrate her true love - the culinary art of organic, sustainable and seasonal cooking.

2:00 -3:30: Back to Basics: Home Cheese Making: Linda Conroy

It used to be that every farmstead made their own cheese.  Today many people are surprised that they can make cheese in their own kitchen.  This demonstration will offer an opportunity to see how cheese is made and to sample several simple varieties that can be made at home in your kitchen. 

Linda Conroy is a home cheese maker, herbalist and whole food enthusiast, who has dedicated her life to connecting with the natural world.  After apprenticing on several goat farms over a decade ago, Linda continues to make cheese in her own kitchen.  She has been teaching the lost art for years.  She is the founder of Moonwise Herbs as well as Wild Eats: A Movement to Promote Whole, Local, and Wild Foods in Community.  You can learn more at 

Sunday Kitchen

10:00 – 4:00: The Organic Way – Sampling Organic Valley Products

10:00 – 12:00: Parfaits: Monique Hooker

12:30 – 2:00: Grilled Cheese, Compound Butters: Monique Hooker

2:30 – 4:00: Summer Salads: Monique Hooker

Sunday Pantry

10:00 – 11:30: Coffee 101 with America's Top Micro Coffee Roaster: Caleb Nicholes

Kickapoo Coffee, awarded as 2010 Micro Roaster of the Year, is a family-scale enterprise situated near the scenic Kickapoo River in the Driftless region of southwest Wisconsin. The foundation of their business is shared values: connection to the land, consideration for the local and global community, and commitment to supporting their families and those of their trading partners. Co-owner and Head Roaster Caleb Nicholes, a professional gourmand (three years as an importer of boutique European wines and nine years as a coffee roaster) will take you on a culinary journey, and explain how you can become your own personal barista at home!

Caleb Nicholes is a co-owner of and the head roaster at Kickapoo Coffee, Viroqua, WI. 

12:00 – 1:30: Raw Vegetable Fermentation: Mike Bieser

Welcome to the ancient art of vegetable fermentation.  We  will examine the medicinal and energetic elements of food as well as the safety of fermented foods and herbs for long term storage.  We will demonstrate by blending a variety of information from raw organic vegetables and herbs, each bringing different qualities to the food.  Local, raw, alkaline, neutral and acid food balance will be discussed.  The nature of storing light energy in food will also be discussed.  Simple natural fermentation processes may well be the information link to wellness in our modern diets.

Mike Bieser is a husband, father, musician, entrepreneur, and current resident of Viroqua, WI.  He has felt the benefits of fermented foods as a staple in his diet to boost immune function while overcoming Lyme disease.  Operator of a commercial kitchen in Kendall, WI, Mike and family started a CSK and the new local raw cultured food brand Fizzeology™. Mike’s contagious energy helped cofound the Milwaukee Ale House brewpub in 1997.  He has worked in category management for Organic Valley and most recently started Full Light Consulting™, dedicated to awareness and solutions to the influence of electromagnetic interferences to health.

2:00 – 3:30: Food of the World: Bradley Borchardt

Join Chef de Farm Bradley Borchardt as he explores the flavors of Asia, Latin America and Europe by using the bountiful products from Harvest Moon Farms and Organic Valley.
Chef Bradley Borchardt joined Harvest Moon Farms in Viroqua this past Spring after cooking and traveling around the world for the past fifteen years.  His palate has been created by working with some of the most influential culinary leaders and businesses from Europe to Asia. He manages the company's value added program along with the Farm to Table Event Series at the farm and in Chicago.  His experiences bring a global view of food through the lens of the products found here in Vernon County.

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