Prairie Acoustic Stage


10:30 am: Wadoma African Dancers Saturday Morning Dance Workshop

What better way to start out your day and weekend than dancing in the sun!

1:30 pm: Tom Miron

Post-modern power pop. Songs of love, loss, and longing. Songs of going nowhere and hitting the highway. Tom Miron plays electro-acoustic guitar with looping and various effects to create a unique combination ofthoughtful lyrics, toe-tapping rhythms, and sweet licks guaranteed to touch body and mind. Formerly with the Thomas Stone Acoustic Unit in the Madison area, Tom now makes his home in the Ocooch Mountains of Southwest Wisconsin

2:30-3:00: The Josh B'Gosh Show!


Josh Peters spent several years touring Wisconsin schools with the Thread of Life Puppet Company teaching children about history, mythology, and puppetry before co-founding The Friends of the Stage, a nonprofit organization that produces theatrical fund raising events. After training with premier stunt master, Harley Newman, Josh began performing a comedy stunt show at fairs and festivals specializing in interactive family entertainment.

The Josh B' Gosh Show opens with a fast paced fire act which evolves into a hilarious stunt show as Josh uses a mousetrap, a straitjacket, and even the audience, to demonstrate the powers of the human body and mind.

3:00: Wadoma African Dancers

With one foot firmly planted in the musical traditions of West Africa and another stepping towards modern innovation, WADOMA endeavors to bring a centuries-old form of social expression to Western audiences. Although many of our group are not African, our passion for the ability of rhythm and movement to connect people across cultures had led many members to study intensively in West Africa and with West African musicians and dancers in the United States. WADOMA blends African, American and other global art forms to create a one-of-a-kind spectacle of movement and sound, educating and inspiring people through the universal experience of music and dance.

4:30: Nanda

Think of a rock & roll-circus-ninja-dance-comedy-action-movie, performed live on stage. When the four performers/brothers/friends that make up NANDA departed from Port Townsend 3 years ago, they never knew where their journey would lead them, only that it would be filled with adventure. Since leaving the familiar streets of their hometown, NANDA has toured throughout the US, Mexico & Canada - working with some of the world’s most well renowned variety show entertainers and musicians. The group recently reached a new level of success with interviews on Seattle’s KING 5’s Evening Magazine where they were quoted as “a group of performers from Port Townsend on the brink of Superstardom”. In the spring of 2010 they presented the first ALL NANDA feature length theater show entitled “THE JACKET”. NANDA offers action packed performances ranging from 10 - 90 minutes as well as Juggling & Stage Combat workshops.

6:00: Rural Rap Workshop!

Time to get country with it! The rural rap workshop at the Kickapoo Country Fair is returning after a break-out first year in 2009. The Kickapoo Kid, Miller Iller, Lil’ Paco, Rut Digger, and True Change are comin’ back to kick some flow with ya!

These five rural rappers will throw down on the Prairie Acoustic stage to get the energy hoppin’ before transitioning to a group workshop vibe. Participants will collaborate on learning how to bust out verses and link them together with a catchy hook. Last year the youngest workshop attendee was 8-years old and the elder was 55! This hip-hoppity hoe down is most definitely for all ages.

Once the entire group gets the rundown on spittin’ verbs, we will break out into 5 groups with each group led by one of our host rappers! The Kickapoo Kid will once again provide original beats and each group will pick a tasty track out before sitting down to create killer rhymes. The finale of this fun and fabulous workshop will feature each group performing what they’ve written together on stage. And worry not – shy group members have found excellent cover supporting the extroverts by collaborating on the chorus, a.k.a. ‘the hook’, backing up the hidden country talent while they go front and center to be rural rap stars!


10:30: Nanda

1:00 - 2:00 Hula Hoop Workshop: Danielle Lee

Hooping is simply irresistible. Never has there been such an activity that brings together movement, expression, and mediation in such an uplifting way. The focus of this hooping session is, first and foremost, to have fun hooping and to feel happy. Get ready for laughter, smiles, and a great core work out! Danielle will begin with a short performance and then will get you inside the hoop to learn the basics and a few tricks. She also has a few games up her sleeve. Hoops will be provided, and all ages/experience levels are welcome! Danielle Lee has been a hooper since 2005, and teaches beginning hoop dance classes as Madison's first certified hooping instructor. An environmental engineer by trade, Danielle finds hooping to be an excellent way to activate the creative side of her brain and loves the endless potential of the hoop.

2:00-2:30: The Josh B'Gosh Show!

3:00: Patchouli

Bruce Hecksel and Julie Patchouli, lifelong students of music, are both accomplished multi-instrumentalists.  Bruce’s classical study in piano, guitar and composition coupled with Julie’s smiling voice and her instrumental range from upright bass, guitar, marimba and percussion allow them to explore, synthesize and contrast world musical styles with deft fluidity and a broad based spiritual undertone. Performing blazing nuevomenco style pieces on steel string guitars to inspiring power folk mantras, their energy and chemistry leaves the audience uniquely uplifted and transformed. Tireless touring troubadours, Bruce and Julie have performed over 1800 shows covering enough ground on the road to equal over 25 times around the earth. Patchouli just releasedtheir 13th full length album of all original compositions in their 11 years of performing together.

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