• $5.9 million headquarters for the Organic Valley cooperative
  • 45,000 square feet, three-story barn shaped building with silo overlooking the Kickapoo River in southwestern Wisconsin
  • Result of model collaboration between State of Wisconsin, the Village of La Farge, Wisconsin, USDA and Organic Valley
    • The Wisconsin Dept. of Commerce gave the Village of LaFarge a $750,000 grant to develop infrastructure for the site
    • The USDA facilitated Organic Valley's $2.8 million "Business & Industry Loan."
  • Morton Buildings of Morton, Illinois designed the building with the support of Wisconsin's Focus on Energy Program, a public-private partnership offering energy assistance to energy utility customers throughout Wisconsin. Morton is also performing the installations.
  • The design is based on the "Cool Day Lighting" concept, which maximizes the outside natural light allowed into the building while minimizing the heat gain.
    • Interior electrical lighting uses a lumens sensor to adjust lights based on the amount of natural light coming in.
    • Interior electrical lights are mounted directly on the spine of the workstations to allow individuals to choose to use less light.
  • Building materials were sourced locally, mostly well within a 500 mile radius
    • Trim is from the local lumberyard in LaFarge, WI.
    • Glass for the 129 windows is from Portage and Spring Green, WI.
    • Windows were assembled in Madison, WI with a wood frame that is less energy intensive to manufacture than aluminum or vinyl.
  • Recycled materials are used in much of the building and many are low in volatile organic compounds (V.O.C.), which affect air quality. Many items come from renewable and sustainable sources.
    • The building's wood frame comes from rapidly renewable wood sources.
    • Timbers in the "exposed post and beam" entryway are from rapidly renewable wood sources instead of from old growth forests.
    • Steel siding and roof are recycled and recyclable.
    • Insulation is made from recycled cotton.
    • Drywall is made from recycled coke ash, a by-product of metal casting.
    • The wall covering is a low V.O.C. paint.
    • Low V.O.C. carpeting and vinyl floor coverings are made from recycled materials.
    • Concrete is 20-30% fly ash that is recycled.
    • Acoustical ceiling is 75% recycled material with a 92 brightness to maximize Cool Daylighting.
    • All office furniture is second-hand.
  • Energy efficiencies are incorporated throughout the building.
    • The foundation uses I.C.F.'s (insulated concrete forms) that stay attached to the poured wall giving it greater energy efficiency (an R-value of R-26).
    • The building is designed to be 30% more efficient than state building codes require.
    • It will feature independent photo-voltaic (solar-powered) parking lot lights.
    • Faucets will turn on and off automatically and recharge their own battery with the flow of water going through.
    • Urinals are waterless.
    • Motion sensors will turn the lights on and off in bathrooms and other rooms.
    • The HVAC system is an energy recovery ventilator system that uses heat pumps to save energy by pulling energy from the exhaust air to pre-heat or pre-cool the intake air.
  • The building site on the property was chosen to be least disruptive to the ground.
    • It is positioned on a high point to minimize excavation.
    • The building axis runs east/west to maximize the north and south sides for Cool Day Lighting.
    • Storm-water runoff is controlled by a combination of porous material for the parking lots, retention ponds, and prairie grass areas.
  • Organic Valley will provide showers to service employees' indoor and outdoor activities, including use of the cooperative's alternative transportation system, the "Green Bike Program." Used bikes painted green for identification purposes are available for employees to use when getting around town and traveling between Organic Valley buildings.
  • Morton Buildings made it a goal to recycle 100% of the construction waste. Five dumpsters were be placed on site to separate waste, and all of their subcontractors were required to have a recycling plan that supported Morton's recycling goals.
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