Organic Valley Product Overview

All of Organic Valley's 200 food products are of premium quality and are certified to carry the USDA Organic Seal. They are produced by the farmer/owners of the cooperative and sold under the Organic Valley brand to grocery distributors, retailers, food manufacturers, food services, and restaurants.


Organic Valley's full line of dairy products includes regular and reduced fat fluid milks, plus creams, butters, cheeses, and spreads. Highlights of the line include regionally distributed fluid milks, the largest family of organic cheeses on the market, and award-winning butters.


Our farmer-owners produce a delicious Soy beverage that's organic through and through. Thanks to our unique "identity preserved" program, every carton of Soy can be traced back to the very farm where the beans originated. Talk about a delicious difference!


Raised in accordance with U.S. Humane Society guidelines, the chickens on Organic Valley's family farms are free to roam both inside their sunny, airy hen houses and outdoors as weather permits. Organic Valley's brown eggs and Omega-3 eggs are 100% organically raised - healthy and great tasting.


The same farmers who produce for Organic Valley also produce a full range of delicious organic beef, pork, chicken and turkey under the Organic Prairie Family of Farms label. The animals are respectfully treated in a healthy environment that includes certified organic feed, organic pasture, fresh air and sunshine, without the use of antibiotics, synthetic hormones or pesticides.


A variety of fresh, seasonal vegetables are organically grown and regionally distributed by the family farmers of Organic Valley.

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