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Oregon farmer participates in organic promotion tour work
October 02, 2012

A Gervais, Ore., dairy farmer is participating in a tour promoting organic agriculture in the Midwest.

Greg Rosa, 21, son of Jerome Rosa of Jerosa Organic Dairy, is among several farmers aged 18 to 35 participating in the third-annual Generation Organic tour, which is sponsored by the Organic Valley cooperative.

"To provide healthy, wholesome, safe food for people is the most rewarding career you could choose," Rosa said.

Cheese Tour Promotes Real Food, Offers Grilled Cheese Freebies work
September 25, 2012

Do you hanker for a hunk of cheese? Today may be your lucky day. Maybe it’s going to be tomorrow. Just know that the American Cheese Revolution Tour is on its way, currently traveling the continental U.S.

Yes a cheese tour. Best tour idea ever!

That insanely good idea is a joint effort between cheese makers Organic Valley and the non-profit Healthy Child Healthy World. The truck is making its rounds, inviting cheese fans of all ages to come on down to taste some delicious samples and learn the difference between real cheese and “cheese food.”

10 Healthy Kids' Snacks You'll Love, Too work
September 17, 2012

This great-tasting shelf-stable chocolate milk had the trifecta of being organic, only 1% milk fat, and not too sweet—although it’ll satisfy your afternoon chocolate cravings splendidly. Toss them in with your kids’ lunches or serve them up with fruit and crackers for a substantial afternoon snack. These tasty organic beverages are available in chocolate, strawberry, and vanilla and come in 8-oz packages, 4-packs and 12-pack cases.

Where Cows Are Happy and Food Is Healthy work
September 10, 2012

Let me introduce Bob Bansen, a high school buddy of mine who is a third-generation dairyman raising Jersey cows on lovely green pastures here in Oregon beside the Yamhill River. Bob, 53, a lanky, self-deprecating man with an easy laugh, is an example of a farmer who has figured out how to make a good living running a farm that is efficient but also has soul.

The Kindest Cut of Meat Is Ground work
August 15, 2012

AS Americans plan their Independence Day barbecues, they should skip the tony sirloins and chops, and opt for what can be the most sustainable, economical, gastronomically flexible and morally responsible cut of meat: ground.

National brands like Niman Ranch and Organic Prairie offer burgers, hot dogs and sausage made from animals raised on pasture, rather than hormones or antibiotics.

Patel sees potential cures for food system's ills in community activism work
August 02, 2012

A world where one billion people are malnourished and two billion are overweight is the result of inefficient economic systems, author and activist Raj Patel, said Saturday.

Patel was one of three keynote speakers at the Kickapoo Country Fair in La Farge.

New organic milk brand abandons grains work
July 09, 2012

According to the company, Grassmilk comes from cows that are 100 percent grass fed, eating only fresh grasses and dried forages, never grains or soybeans.
The product is pasteurized but not homogenized and has a yellowish color and a grassy or flowery flavor, said Eric Snowdeal, Organic Valley's milk and cream product manager.

FEATURED BITE: Organic Valley American Cheese Singles – Unprocessed work
July 09, 2012

Organic Valley’s American Singles — Unprocessed is 100 percent real Colby-style cheese. It’s made using organic milk without antibiotics, synthetic hormones or pesticides. Because of its high-moisture content, it — like the pasteurized process cheese — melts smoothly, making it a perfect grilled cheese option.

The Future of Agriculture: Triple-Bottom-Line Beauty work
May 17, 2012

Several weeks ago I was fortunate enough to attend Organic Valley's annual meeting, at which more than 600 of its farmer-owners converged in LaCrosse, Wisconsin.

For those who are not familiar with it, Organic Valley is part of a farmer-owned cooperative (the CROPP Cooperative) of 1,687 certified-organic farms scattered all over the U.S. and three provinces in Canada. The cooperative was founded in 1988 and is still run by several of its founding farmers, including CEO George Siemon.

Organic Valley dishes up "grassmilk" to consumers in US West work
May 16, 2012

As the co-founder and chief executive for Organic Valley, a La Farge, Wisconsin-based cooperative that is the largest provider of organic milk in the United States, Siemon is on the hunt for new offerings for a growing market.

The latest idea - milk from cows that primarily eat grasses, but never corn, soybeans or other supplemental grains commonly fed to dairy and beef cattle - was launched in April and is available in 200 stores in six western U.S. states. The milk has an earthy flavor that is a twist for the milk market.

Though it is too soon to tell how the new milk will be received, Siemon has high hopes. In the United States, most of the corn and soybeans fed to livestock are genetically modified, a fact that doesn't sit well with organic enthusiasts, particularly Siemon.

"Our co-op is very concerned about the development of biotechnology," he said in a recent interview. "We don't agree that is the right path."

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