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U.S. FDA considers expanding tests for drug residues in milk
Reuters work
May 19, 2015

U.S. health regulators are reviewing current standards for assessing drug residues in milk sold to consumers, a move that could expand testing for veterinary drugs at a time of growing consumer concern over food safety, health officials say.

Organic dairy farming struggles to keep up with demand
Star Tribune work
March 23, 2015

A burgeoning market has left processors struggling to catch up and raised prices for organic dairy producers.

Investing in our future: Why the time is right for an organic check-off
Food Navigator USA work
March 03, 2015

As organic pioneers recognized more than twenty years ago, there is something keenly satisfying about controlling your destiny.

Not all milk is created equal: Here’s what you need to know.
The Washington Post work
February 12, 2015

There are more kinds of milk out there than ever — soy, almond, coconut. But just as dizzying is the array of choices for plain old cow’s milk. This milk primer can help.

Miracle grow: Indian farmers smash crop yield records without GMOs
Grist work
February 10, 2015

What if the agricultural revolution has already happened and we didn’t realize it? Essentially, that’s the idea in this report from the Guardian about a group of poverty-stricken Indian rice and potato farmers who harvested confirmed world-record yields of rice and potatoes. Best of all: They did it completely sans-GMOs or even chemicals of any kind.

Grocery Stores Are Running Out of Organic Milk
Bloomberg Business work
February 10, 2015

About once a week the phone rings at the Dill Pickle Food Co-op in Chicago’s artsy Logan Square neighborhood with the same question: Got milk? Organic, to be exact.

New Science Confirms: If You Eat Organic You’ll be Exposed to Fewer Pesticides
Civil Eats work
February 06, 2015

The largest study to look at organophosphate exposure in humans sets the stage for vital research into the health effects of pesticides.

Can organic crops compete with industrial agriculture?
UC Berkeley work
December 10, 2014

A systematic overview of more than 100 studies comparing organic and conventional farming finds that the crop yields of organic agriculture are higher than previously thought. The study, conducted by UC Berkeley researchers, also found that certain practices could further shrink the productivity gap between organic crops and conventional farming.

The drought is destroying California’s organic dairy farms
Grist work
September 12, 2014

For nearly 20 years, organic dairying promised a strong future for farmers, appealing to a new, more sustainable-minded generation and allowing them to charge more for their milk.

José Andrés Interviews Fellow Chef Michel Nischan
National Geographic: The Plate work
September 02, 2014

Throughout my life, I’ve been lucky to know and work with many amazing people. People who commit themselves to wanting to make change and making people’s lives better. They truly inspire me, and I only can hope that I inspire them, too.

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