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What does "natural" really mean on food labels?
CBS News work
June 18, 2014

Many consumers believe that "natural" products are better and healthier than others, but are often confused about what the label actually means. Now Consumer Reports is launching a campaign to ban the term, claiming it confuses and misleads shoppers.

News From the World of Medicine
Reader's Digest work
April 30, 2014

Read up on the latest medical news and studies: which foods can prevent diabetes, how exercise improves intimacy, and why faking a good night's sleep can actually boost your energy.

Organic industry gearing up for checkoff program
New Hope 360 work
March 17, 2014

Move over Got Milk? and Beef: It's What's for Dinner. The organic industry is laying plans for it's own industry-funded research and promotion program thanks to legislative changes in the 2014 farm bill.

The Organic Choice: More Than A Label
Organic Living work
March 17, 2014

Food labeling can often be misleading and confusing, which is why ďcertified organicĒ is an important choice for consumers.

Farm Bill Reflects Shifting American Menu and a Senatorís Persistent Tilling
New York Times work
March 17, 2014

The farm bill signed by President Obama last month was at first glance the usual boon for soybean growers, catfish farmers and their ilk. But closer examination reveals that the nationís agriculture policy is increasingly more whole grain than white bread.

Dr. Charles Benbrook to be honored by The Organic Center
Organic Trade Association work 802-275-3820
February 19, 2014

The first recipient of The Organic Centerís (The Centerís) newly established Award of Excellence will be recognized in March at the organizationís annual VIP Dinner held in conjunction with Natural Products Expo West in Anaheim, CA.

The Seeds of a New Generation
The New York Times work
February 07, 2014

Throughout the Midwest, where dairy farmers face a host of financial challenges, two dozen Organic Valley Co-op members now grow fruits or vegetables or both on the side.

Chef Kathy Gunst Is Excited About Eggs
Here & Now work
January 22, 2014

Here & Now resident chef Kathy Gunst has been seeing eggs everywhere: on salads in bistros and on top of ramen in noodle shops. And sheís a fan herself, as she tells host Robin Young.

Movement Matriarch: Joan Gussow, Teacher of Teachers
Edible Manhattan work
January 16, 2014

A woman who wouldnít stop asking questions, and her seminal role in todayís food fight.

It's Official: Organic Milk Is Better For You
Prevention work
January 06, 2014

If you've been on the fence as to whether or not organic milk is worth the extra cost, this should help you decide: Organic milk has more beneficial omega-3 fatty acids than the nonorganic milk, according to the findings of a new study published in PLoS One that looked at the nutritional makeup of nearly 400 organic and nonorganic milk samples collected over an 18-month period from across the United States.

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