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Organic whole milk provides best heart-health benefits, study says
Los Angeles Times work
December 11, 2013

Scientists who looked at hundreds of samples found that organic whole milk offered more of the fatty acids good for the heart than conventional milk.

It's Official: Organic Milk Is Better for You
Rodale News work
December 11, 2013

Got (organic) milk? The nonorganic version contains higher levels of nasty inflammatory fats.

Organic milk really is better for you
TODAY work
December 10, 2013

Scientists at Washington State University have found that organic milk has a better balance of fatty acids that keep our hearts strong. While traditional dairy cows eat a corn-based diet, cows that produce organic milk eat a grassier diet, high in omega-3s.

New WSU study suggests organic milk may be more heart-healthy
The Seattle Times work
December 10, 2013

Organically raised cows eat more grass and produce milk that is richer in “good” fatty acids than milk from cows fed corn and other grain-based feed, says a Washington State University analysis.

Researchers See Added Nutritional Benefits in Organic Milk
Chuck Benbrook work 541-828-7918
December 09, 2013

Organic forage raises levels of beneficial fats read more…

What's Next for the Food Movement?
UC Berkeley Events work
December 03, 2013

Feeding the Organic Supply Chain
Iowa Public Radio work
November 07, 2013

When people talk about organic food, people often think fresh fruits and vegetables; but just as corn and soybeans dominate conventional processed food and meat, these same grains are often key ingredients for organic foods.

Can genetically-modified foods be bad for our health?
Fox News work
November 04, 2013

The truth about GMOs

Why Lots Of Grass-Fed Beef Sold In U.S. Comes From Down Under
The Salt: NPR work
October 04, 2013

George Siemon, a founder of Organic Valley, the big organic food supplier, says the push for grass-fed beef started with activists who wanted to challenge a beef industry dominated by factory-scale feedlots. In those feedlots, cattle are fed a corn-heavy diet designed to make the animals gain weight as quickly as possible.

Nearly Half of All US Farms Now Have Superweeds
Mother Jones work
February 08, 2013

ast year's drought took a big bite out of the two most prodigious US crops, corn and soy. But it apparently didn't slow down the spread of weeds that have developed resistance to Monsanto's herbicide Roundup (glyphosate), used on crops engineered by Monsanto to resist it.

Showing 31-40 of 640

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