Organic Valley Responds to Jane Brody's Criticism of Organics

January 10, 2013

In her New York Times column What You Don't Know About Wise Eating on January 1, 2013, Jane Brody criticizes organic because we won't allow Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs). We are in good company. Sixty-one countries in Europe, Asia and South America also don't allow GMOs.

Brody begins her piece calling for "science" and then lets biotechnology off the hook. There is no science that shows any benefits for anything except the chemical company's bottom line.

Her tomato example is a promise not a reality. Remember the Flavr Savr tomato? Introduced in 1994 as the first genetically engineered food in America, consumers rejected it as flavorless and it was quickly pulled from the market.

But there is plenty of science showing that consumers are right to have major concerns about biotechnology. Studies show the overwhelming majority of consumers want labeling. Until we have proof that GMOs are safe, we want the right to know whether they are in the foods we eat and feed our families.

We know how much salt and sugar is in our products, but GMOs may be much more harmful --- we just don't know.

Theresa Marquez
Chief Mission Officer
Organic Valley/CROPP Cooperative
Lafarge, Wisconsin

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