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Organic Valley Partners With EPA Wastewise
Kristin Heinmets work 612.372.6458 Organic Valley La Farge, Wis.
June 29, 2009

Organic Valley Family of Farms joined the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA's) WasteWise Program in February 2009, demonstrating its commitment to conserving natural resources and protecting the environment. WasteWise is the country’s first national voluntary solid waste reduction program.

WasteWise encourages organizations to reduce municipal solid waste through waste prevention, recycling, and buying or manufacturing recycled content products. The WasteWise program focuses on waste prevention—actions that minimize or eliminate the generation of waste before it is created—with the goal of decreasing the amount of material that must be managed through recycling or landfilling. WasteWise partners have saved millions of dollars in purchasing costs and waste disposal fees by reducing, reusing and recycling solid waste materials. read more…

"The Sturgis of Organic" — Organic Valley Hosts Midwest's Largest Organic Food And Sustainability Festival: Kickapoo Country Fair
work 612-372-6465 Organic Valley La Farge, Wis.
June 23, 2009

Harley riders have Sturgis. Music lovers have South by Southwest. Film fans have Sundance. All are destinations for like-minded individuals to meet and celebrate their passions as a shared experience. If you love organic food and are looking for a bit of local flavor, then you now have your own Sturgis: Organic Valley Family of Farms will host Kickapoo Country Fair, the Midwest’s largest organic food and sustainability festival of its kind, in the verdant hills of southwestern Wisconsin.

Daniel Webster wrote, “When tillage begins, other arts follow. The farmers, therefore, are the founders of human civilization.” Organic Valley – a farmer-owned cooperative of more than 1,300 organic family farmers nationwide – launched the Kickapoo Country Fair six years ago as an annual celebration of life in the Kickapoo River Valley. Today, it’s an event venue where fair-goers from across the country, along with nationally recognized organic leaders, celebrated musicians, renowned authors and others, connect around food, arts and regional culture. read more…

Organic Valley Celebrates the Next Generation of Organic Farmers
Kristin Heinmets work 612-372-6458 Organic Valley La Farge, Wis.
June 16, 2009

Generation O (Gen-O), Organic Valley’s next generation of organic farmers, came together on Saturday, June 13 at the Holm Girls Dairy farm in Elk Mound, Wis. for a day of learning, sharing and connecting through activities, including presentations by organic industry leaders, small-group strategy sessions, a farm tour and locally-grown, organic meals.  read more…

Dairy By The Dozen
work 612.372.6465 Organic Valley La Farge, Wis.
June 15, 2009

Twelve tasty chocolates? A dozen delicious vanillas? Doce savory strawberries? Organic Valley is now offering its highly popular and superbly-convenient 8 oz. shelf stable single serve milks in packs of 12.

Organic Valley, a farmer-owned cooperative of more than 1,300 organic family farmers nationwide, will offer its 12-packs in each of its four single serve flavors: chocolate, strawberry, vanilla and regular 1% lowfat. The 12-packs, which require no refrigeration, will be available in July, in time for summer vacations and just prior to back-to-school, and will retail for $16.99. read more…

Organic Industry Leaders Join Together To Help Organic Farmers
Kristin Heinmets work 612.372.6458 Organic Valley Richmond, BC and La Farge, Wis.
June 12, 2009

Giving back is good business. That’s why two leading organic food manufacturers, Nature’s Path Organic Foods, North America’s number one maker of organic cereal, and Organic Valley, America’s largest cooperative of organic farmers, have joined with Organic Gardening magazine to support the Farmers Can Be Heroes program of the Rodale Institute, a leader in on-farm organic research and education. read more…

Organic Valley Hosts Sixth-Annual Kickapoo Country Fair, July 25-26
Renee Kelly work 612-372-6472 Organic Valley La Farge, Wis.
June 08, 2009

Looking for a great staycation destination? How about an inexpensive trip to somewhere that celebrates the simple things in life? Look no further than the beautiful, ancient hills of the Kickapoo River Valley in La Farge, Wis., where Organic Valley Family of Farms will host the sixth-annual Kickapoo Country Fair on Saturday and Sunday, July 25-26.

Open to the public, the fair is the Midwest’s largest organic food and sustainability festival, focusing this year on celebrating lifestyle values such as connection to culture and community, and hope for a healthy and sustainable future. Featured events include live music and dancing, author readings, local artisans and food vendors, kids’ activities, farm tours and exhibits, and free workshops related to sustainability and organic cooking. Weekend passes, which provide access to all events, are just $10 for adults, $8 for kids 12 and under, and kids five and under are free.  read more…

Organic Valley to Supply Milk Cartons and Farmer Ingenuity to Participants in 2009 Seafair Milk Carton Derby
Elizabeth Horton work 207-838-0084 Organic Valley La Farge, Wis.
June 02, 2009

– A brawny crew of Organic Valley’s Washington farmers, two-time champions of the Seafair Milk Carton Derby Team Challenge, is making 7,000 cardboard milk cartons and its championship experience available to this year’s derby participants. The annual Milk Carton Derby Team Challenge race, which will be held on Saturday, July 11, 2009, on Green Lake, provides an opportunity for the DIY crowd to show off their creativity and nautical engineering skills while paddling their vessel with the rest of the milk carton flotilla. read more…

Organic Valley Farmer Owners Pioneer Supply Management Program
work 612.372.6465 Organic Valley La Farge, Wis.
May 21, 2009

With continual declines in the economy coupled with near historic lows in farmer pay prices for conventional milk, Organic Valley Family of Farms is making efforts to safeguard its cooperative of more than 1,300 organic family farmers by pioneering a supply management system.

In lieu of cutting its own sustainable-based dairy farmer pay prices, Organic Valley will require its farmer-owners to reduce their organic milk supply by seven percent beginning on July 1.  read more…

Endangered Kincaid's Lupine Annual Blossom Star of Pasture Walk During Third Annual Boistfort Valley Field Day
Elizabeth Horton work 207-838-0084 Organic Valley Portland, Ore
May 06, 2009

The endangered Kincaid's lupine (lupinus sulphereus kincaidii) will be the center of attention at the third annual Lupine Field Day, a celebration of the plant's unexpected resurgence in Washington. The free, educational event is held at the Mallonee family organic dairy farm, located in Washington's Boistfort Valley, on Saturday, June 20, from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. The 330-acre Mallonee farm is home to Washington's largest concentration of the rare flower and represents the northernmost range of the Kincaid's Lupine, a flower normally found on the dry upland prairies on the Western side of the Willamette Valley.  read more…

Pioneering Change for Good: Organic Valley Donates More Than $261,000 to Charitable Organizations on West Coast
Elizabeth Horton work 207-838-0084 Organic Valley Portland, Ore.
April 28, 2009

Oregon-based nonprofits such as the Xerces Society, Sauvie Island Center, Ecotrust and Portland Farmers Market among Recipients

Fostering positive change in rural and urban communities, on family farms and for the environment, Organic Valley Family of Farms, America's largest farmer-owned, organic cooperative and one of the nation's leading organic brands, today announced it donated more than $261,000 in cash and food to charitable organizations on the west coast last year, a key region for the Cooperative.  read more…

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