CEO Statement on the Release of GMO Roundup Ready® Sugar Beets

La Farge, Wis.
February 04, 2011
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Today the USDA announced its decision to allow the planting of Roundup ReadyŽ sugar beets, another GMO crop the organic community has been fighting in court for years. This is a clear indication that the USDA is more interested in protecting the biotech industry than the health, safety, environment and property rights of U.S. farmers and consumers who choose not to grow or consume GMOs. In the wake of this and last week's Roundup ReadyŽ alfalfa decision, we must persist in challenging each release of GMO products, (22 more of which are currently in the pipeline). The USDA has been using its antiquated regulations as an excuse for not thoroughly reviewing GMOs. We must fight in court to bring accountability to the USDA, and we must also take this fight to rural American farms and the grocery aisles. If the government refuses to protect us, we can protect ourselves by refusing to purchase GMO seeds and foods. In this way we will create a united front against biotech and the regulations it has strong-armed through the USDA. I am confident that twenty years from now, organic agriculture will have won the war by demonstrating that organic is the right model for providing wholesome, healthy food for the planet.

George L. Siemon, founding farmer and C-E-I-E-I-O

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