Heart-Healthy Omega-3 Ground Beef From Organic Prairie

Organic Meat Company reveals the first nationally branded organic beef labeled with "naturally occurring omega-3 fatty acids."

La Farge, WI
March 10, 2014
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Organic Prairie™, the brand of organic meats produced by the same farmer-owned co-op as Organic Valley, announces the launch of its omega-3 label for its Organic Prairie 100% Grassfed Ground Beef and Pasture-Raised™ Ground Beef. Meat lovers everywhere can rejoice knowing they can choose beef that helps to promote heart health and overall well-being.

According to the American Heart Association, omega fatty acids have long been recognized for their cardiovascular benefits. Research has shown that omega-3 fatty acids decrease the risk of arrhythmias (abnormal heartbeats) and are a good source of prevention for those who have, or are at risk of, cardiovascular disease. 

“It is pretty exciting to see the health benefits of great farming practices,” said George Siemon, CEIEIO of Organic Prairie. “We’ve always known that animals that graze on high quality feed produce healthy products, and now science is making that link for us.”

Omega-3 fatty acids also play a crucial role in brain and eye development and function. Since our bodies cannot produce omega essential fatty acids, we can only get them from our food. Grasses are full of omega-3 fatty acids, so food products from grassfed and pasture-raised animals are a great source of omega-3. All Organic Prairie farmers raise cattle according to the National Organic Program (NOP) pasture regulations, which require that a high percentage of cattle’s diets must come from pasture. Cows that graze on pasture and consume dried forages instead of diets high in grains such as corn and soybeans produce meat that is lower in omega-6 and higher in omega-3 fatty acids. Pastured livestock can also improve soil health and increase carbon sequestration, helping to mitigate climate change.

“While both of these fatty acids are essential for health, over the past 100 years our diets have become deficient in omega-3 and overly abundant in omega-6 fatty acids, due largely to industrial food and farming systems that over-produce corn and soy,” said Melinda Hemmelgarn, M.S., R.D. This over-abundance can lead to inflammation, cardiovascular disease and mental illness.

The good news is the harmful effects of too much omega-6 can be corrected. Independent laboratory tests over two years confirm that the fatty acid profile of Organic Prairie beef products contain near ideal omega-6 to omega-3 ratios of 2.4 to 1 in pasture-raised organic beef and 2.0 to 1 for 100% grassfed organic beef. The omega-6 to omega-3 ratio in conventional beef as reported by the USDA comes in at 6.3 to 1, more than twice that of organic beef’s ratio.

The healthy balance of omega-6 to omega-3 ratio reinforces the cooperative’s dedication to pasture and providing the healthiest meat products for consumers. Both the 100% Grassfed Ground Beef and Pasture-Raised™ Ground Beef come in the following: 85 Lean/15 Fat fresh and frozen options. The two grinds are available nationwide in natural food stores, food cooperatives, and major grocery chains or online at the Organic Prairie store http://www.organicprairie.com/.

About Organic Prairie

Organic Prairie is dedicated to the most delicious, high quality organic meats from the same farmer-owned cooperative producing Organic Valley products. Healthy, humane and certified organic, Organic Prairie farmers are pioneers in food and farming excellence. We say no to synthetic pesticides, GMOs, antibiotics and never use animal by-products in feed. For more information, or to purchase Organic Prairie products at our online store, please visit www.organicprairie.coop. Organic Prairie is also on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/OrganicPrairie.

About Organic Valley: Independent and Farmer-Owned

Organic Valley is America’s largest cooperative of organic farmers and one of the nation’s leading organic brands. Organized in 1988, it represents 1,844 farmers in 36 states. Focused on its founding mission of saving family farms through organic farming, Organic Valley produces a variety of organic foods, including organic milk, soy, cheese, butter, spreads, creams, eggs, and produce, which are sold in supermarkets, natural foods stores and food cooperatives nationwide. With its regional model, milk is produced, bottled and distributed right in the region where it is farmed to ensure fewer miles from farm to table and to support our local economies. For further information visit www.organicvalley.coop. Organic Valley is also on Twitter @OrganicValley and Facebook www.facebook.com/OrganicValley.

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