Organic Prairie Expands FRESH Hot Dog Line With Turkey & Chicken Varieties

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May 05, 2007
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Offers Beef, Chicken, Classic and Turkey Hot Dogs in both Fresh and Frozen Lines with New "Old World" Formulation

Just in time for the start of baseball season this spring, Organic Prairie's has expanded its Fresh Hot Dog line to include two new varieties, Turkey and Chicken. The improved line now features all of America's traditional family hot dog favorites: Turkey, Beef, Chicken and Classic (Beef and Pork).

"Organic Prairie delivers the traditional hot dog flavor Americans want whether they're at the ball park or at a barbecue in their own backyard," said Tedd Heilmann, Organic Prairie General Manager. "The quality is high and the taste is delicious and fresh."

Organic Prairie Hot Dogs use only the highest quality ingredients, and no fillers are added. "Our new and improved Organic Prairie Hot Dogs are made using an 'old world' quality sausage process that gives them their delicious taste and bite," explained Heilmann.

With the addition of Fresh Turkey hot dogs, Organic Prairie boasts the position of being the only producer of organic hot dogs from four species. "This means one-stop shopping for our retail and foodservice buyers," notes Heilmann.

Organic Prairie's entire line of fresh organic hot dogs is available in twelve-ounce packages with eight 1.5 ounce hot dogs per package. The new packaging of the fresh hot dogs depicts a traditional family farm much like the 100 farms where the cooperative's livestock are carefully raised. "The family farmers of the Organic Prairie cooperative raise their livestock with integrity and concern for animal welfare, resulting in a very high quality product. We're proud to offer these delicious organic hot dogs from our family to yours," said Heilmann.

About Organic Prairie Family of Farms

The farmers who supply Organic Prairie were among the nation's first to produce meat without the use of antibiotics, synthetic hormones or pesticides. They insisted on third-party organic meat certification long before federal organic standards were established and were the first in the industry to ban animal by-products from their cattle's diet. They played a vital role in shaping federal organic meat certification standards—the strictest in the industry.

This cooperative of organic family farmers began selling meat in 1996 under the Organic Valley brand and recently repositioned its meat products under the Organic Prairie brand. Its mission is to provide families with the healthiest, most wholesome meat that is raised in accordance with organic principles and practices—respecting the dignity and interdependence of human, animal, plant, soil and global life.

All products are produced without the use of antibiotics, synthetic hormones or pesticides, and animals are fed only 100-percent certified organic feed and pasture. Animals are free to roam outdoors and are cared for humanely and with compassion.

Organic Prairie offers a full line of fresh organic beef and pork items designed to serve the diverse needs of the growing organic consumer market. It also offers a full line of frozen beef, pork, chicken and turkey items. Formerly branded under the original Organic Valley label, all frozen items have been transitioned to the Organic Prairie brand label over the last year.

Included in this line are: Beef steaks, roasts, ground beef, hot dogs, pork chops, pork roasts, bacon, ham and assorted sausages, whole roasting chicken and boneless skinless breast, and whole large and small turkeys. Look for Organic Prairie's products in the distinctive black and gold packaging at leading supermarkets, natural food stores, cooperative groceries and restaurants.

For further information, please contact Organic Prairie Family of Farms, One Organic Way, La Farge, Wisconsin, tel 877-662-6328, or visit

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