Organic Valley's Milk Now in Bag-in-Boxes

La Farge, WI
May 18, 2007
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The nation's largest cooperative of organic farmers is now offering its most popular product in bulk for foodservice distributors nationwide. Organic Valley today is announcing it will distribute its milk in bag-in-boxes.

The milk will be in five-gallon boxes, with all unit sizes 12.5 inches long by 11.25 inches wide by 13.25 inches in height. It will feature regional HTST production, and be available in Nonfat Skim, Lowfat 1%, Reduced Fat 2% and Whole.

"Each drop of Organic Valley's bag-in-box milk begins with healthy cows raised by our family farmers in harmony with nature," said John Marin, commercial division sales manager for Organic Valley. "We use no antibiotics, synthetic hormones or pesticides. Our animals are raised humanely and given certified organic feed—never any animal by-products—and our pastures are certified organic.

"We strongly feel our organic milk is simply the best available," Marin added. "And, so do a lot of milk lovers and others seeking better health choices. They'll be delighted to know their university, high school and/or office cafeterias offer our milk."

Organic Valley Family of Farms: Independent and Farmer-Owned

Organic Valley is America's largest cooperative of organic farmers and is one of the nation's leading organic brands. Organized in 1988, it represents 940 farmers in 27 states and one Canadian province, and achieved $334 million in 2006 sales. Focused on its founding mission of saving family farms through organic farming, Organic Valley produces more than 200 organic foods, including organic milk, soy, cheese, butter, spreads, creams, eggs, produce and juice, which are sold in supermarkets, natural foods stores and food cooperatives nationwide. The same farmers who produce Organic Valley also produce a full range of delicious organic meats under the Organic Prairie Family of Farms label. For further information, call 1-888-444-MILK or visit, and the cooperative's farmers' website,

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