Let Organic Valley Farmers Make Your Breakfast

Farmers know breakfast - and they make it right. From eggs to OJ, from luscious cream to quality breakfast meats -- Organic Valley farmers offer the best for your breakfast table!

Milk and Cream

Ahh, the basics. Nothing tops your cereal or perfects your coffee like quality organic milk, cream, and half and half from Organic Valley. 


Try our delicious Organic Orange Juice in three varieties - with pulp, pulp-free, or with added calcium.

Soy Milk

Make Organic Valley Soy your favorite soy beverage. Our all-Organic, all-American, family farmed soy is availalbe in four delicious varieties -- original, vanilla, chocolate, and unsweetened.


Eggs are a fabulous, economical source of protein and everything nutritious and delicious. Try our delicious organic brown eggs, organic Omega 3 eggs, and pasteurized, low-cholesterol organic egg whites.

Organic Prairie Meats

Healthful, Wholesome and Humanely Raised. From sausage links to turkey bacon, now you can enjoy premium Organic Prairie breakfast meats from organic family farmers in our farmer-owned cooperative.

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