Organic Valley's award-winning butter is prized by gourmet chefs and home cooks alike. We start with our certified organic whole milk, separate it, and churn the cream into the award-winning butters that win national and world acclaim, year after year.

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Experts Agree: Mother Nature Knows Best
Corn with melted butter

Dairy farmers love butter as much as you do. Butter on the table is the highest reward for the hard work of daily farm life. It’s also the measuring stick of quality milk. When we send our award-winning Organic Valley butter to compete against the best in the world, the experts agree that farming in harmony with nature produces the highest quality butter.

It begins with cows on grass. When our cows graze as nature intended—on a healthy mix of organic pasture plants—they get all the vitamins and minerals their bodies crave. Grazing also gives them the daily exercise they need to stay strong and healthy. You might say they live a normal life! And that’s nature’s formula for sweet, creamy milk high in flavorful butterfat. You can practically see the sunshine in the rich yellow color of our beautiful Organic Valley butters.

Farmer with his cows in pasture

Our Pasture Policy

Because we know the value of farming with nature, we wrote a policy years ago requiring the members of our co-op to provide their cows with the pasture and care it takes to produce delicious, nutrient-rich milk.

Animal Wellness

We maintain healthy and strong herds with care and attention. Our average herd size is only 80 cows and we employ staff veterinarians and an animal wellness expert to help us manage their health and longevity. We believe the healthiest cows produce the healthiest, most delicious milk.

Chaseburg Creamery

The Little Creamery that Could

We take our best Wisconsin milk to the humble hamlet of Chaseburg, Wisconsin, population 304, where we purchased a tiny, 90-year-old creamery back in 1999 to churn out our first batch of butter. Since then, we’ve added a water treatment facility to help us meet our sustainability goals. With roots in the strong Wisconsin dairy tradition, our dedicated employees separate the sweet, rich cream from the cows’ milk. The cream is then churned in small batches into our award-winning organic butters—available unsalted, salted, cultured, and whipped.

Buttered Bread

Accept nothing less.

ALL our butters are certified organic and produced without antibiotics, synthetic growth hormones and persistent synthetic pesticides. At the table or in your favorite recipes, butter makes every creation better. Be good to yourself, your family, and your guests—keep the goodness of sunny Organic Valley pastures in your fridge and on your butter dish.

Organic. It’s all we do.

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