Cheese is one of the oldest foods in the world. Some call it the food of the gods. Others say it is milk's attempt at immortality. From breakfast omelets to stacked sandwiches to topping on your favorite appetizers and entrees, Organic Valley's award-winning cheeses are the perfect complement to any meal or snack.

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Which came first-the Milk or the Cheese?

Trick question! Way back in 1990, Organic Valley became the first cheesemaker to nationally distribute certified organic cheese, before we ever sold a gallon of milk! Today we have the largest family of certified organic cheeses on the market. But you can’t make blue-ribbon cheese without first-rate milk.

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cow in short grass

What would the cows do?

First-rate milk starts with grass. Cows are designed by nature to graze grassy pastures. If they could have it their way, that’s what they’d do. Positively. Grazing, through daily exercise and proper diet, makes for strong and healthy cows. Strong and healthy cows produce exceptionally creamy milk high in flavorful butterfat.

Do Unto Udders...

With quality in mind, we wrote a pasture policy requiring all the dairy farmers of our co-op to provide their cows with the pasture necessary to produce delicious, nutrient-rich milk. A healthy mix of organic pasture plants gives grazing cows all the vitamins and minerals their bodies crave when they’re out munching in the sunshine. The cows get what they want, and in return, we get what we want. Symbiosis.

Who cares?

We employ staff veterinarians and an animal wellness expert to help manage the health of our herds. With an average herd size of 80 cows, we’re able to tend to the needs of every animal according to the USDA organic standards—without antibiotics or synthetic growth hormones. We believe that caring for the health and longevity of our cows has something to do with milk quality, too. To us, it’s no surprise Organic Valley farms win so many quality awards for their milk.

Blessed are the cheesemakers.

Our premium milk is crafted into 40-pound blocks of award-winning cheese by a handful of the finest cheese makers in Wisconsin, Vermont, and California. Before we cut the cheese, each batch is tasted for the proper flavor and desired consistency. The blocks of cheese are then cut and wrapped for retail sale at the Organic Valley Retail Store—the 80-year-old creamery that served as our cooperative headquarters until 2004—in La Farge, Wisconsin.

Whether it’s Wisconsin Jack or Vermont Cheddar—slices, shreds, or Stringles—OV cheese is bound to please. ALL our cheeses are certified organic and made with milk produced without antibiotics, synthetic hormones or persistent synthetic pesticides. Relax and enjoy the wholesome goodness of sunny organic pastures in all your cheesy snacks and recipes—in the order of your liking.

Organic. It’s all we do.

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