Cottage Cheese

Organic Valley's award-winning, farm-fresh cottage cheese is a nutritious and creamy delight. Hand-crafted without the additives found in other cottage cheeses, it's made from wholesome organic milk and that's turned into curds with the use of non-animal rennet. Our creamy cottage cheese is suitable for lacto-vegetarians and is certified kosher.

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  • Above and Beyond: Why Organic Valley Cottage Cheese
The way it has to be

Open a container of Organic Valley Cottage Cheese and find small, soft, white curds settled in a smooth, creamy base. Taste it. The incredible flavor of our award-winning cottage cheese comes from the creamy organic milk high in flavorful butterfat that comes only from healthy Organic Valley cows.

Grazing on a Sunny Afternoon

With quality in mind, we agreed years ago on a pasture policy requiring all OV dairy farmers to give their cows the pasture and care necessary to produce delicious, nutrient-rich OV milk. It starts with a healthy mix of organic pasture plants to provide all the vitamins and minerals cows naturally crave when they’re out grazing in the sunshine. Healthy food and exercise—it’s not rocket science. It’s the way nature intended.

Lots of cows in grass

Clean Living!

Our on-staff veterinarians and animal wellness expert help us manage the health and longevity of our herds. With an average herd size of 80 cows, we’re able to care for every cow without the use of antibiotics or synthetic hormones. We believe that working in harmony with nature is why so many Organic Valley farms win quality awards for their milk.

From Start to Finish

We culture the organic milk that makes our soft and delicious curds in a certified organic production facility. This guarantees Organic Valley cottage cheese really is nothing but the simple goodness cows grazing sunny, organic pastures. Straight from the tub, or in your favorite recipes, it’s a flavorful reminder of the way things are supposed to be—and for us, that’s the way it has to be.

Organic. It’s all we do.

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