Cream Cheese

Bagels never had it so good! Organic Valley's Cream Cheese and reduced fat Neufchatel bars and spreads are naturals for bagels, toast, hors d'oeuvres and countless other culinary creations. Our cream cheese is a true cultured cream cheese, made from 100% organic cream and milk for rich flavor.

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Man in field with cows
Organic Valley Culture 101

Our cream cheese is made by adding live cultures (as opposed to acidifiers) to creamy organic milk. Culturing cream cheese produces a firm, premium-quality bar with a finer flavor than acidified cream cheese. To make our spreadable cream cheese, we simply add organic lactose (natural milk sugar) to the cream.

Farming in Harmony with Nature

Organic farming doesn’t allow antibiotics or synthetic hormones. It begins outside, under the sun, on lush organic pastures. The only sound you hear is mouthfuls of grass being ripped from the earth by quietly content cows. They’re minding their own business, the way nature intended—just as we mind our own business. Roger?

Cows in the field

When cows graze organic pastures, they not only get daily exercise, they get all the vitamins and minerals their bodies naturally crave. It’s a pretty simple concept. Strong and healthy organic cows produce creamy milk high in flavorful butterfat—the best kind of milk. We wrote our own pasture policy years ago which requires us to give our cows the pasture necessary to produce the highest quality, most delicious, nutrient-rich milk possible.

Young girl with calf in grass

What Goes Around Comes Around

Our on-staff veterinarians and animal wellness expert help manage the health of our cows without antibiotics or synthetic growth hormones. With an average herd size of 80 cows, we’re able to tend to the needs of every animal. We believe that if we take good care of our cows, they’ll take good care of us. And that’s why it’s no surprise so many Organic Valley farms win quality awards for their milk.

Cheesecake on a cooling rack

Any Way You Want It

Available in foil-wrapped bars or 8 oz. tubs, our naturally cultured cream cheese is excellent for desserts, dips, and casseroles; spread thick on a bagel, or in your pickle sandwich. OV Cream Cheese delivers a super-creamy, wholesome goodness you can only expect from cows on grass.

Organic. It’s all we do.

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