Ask any chef. Organic Valley cream is quite simply the best that you can buy. It comes from the milk of our pastured cows, raised in harmony with nature by family farmers near you. Once you taste our cream in your coffee, your sauces, and your desserts, life may never be the same.

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Cows on Grass
Pasture Perfect

Cows on grass. That’s how nature intended it, and that’s exactly why the milk from Organic Valley cows is so sweet, creamy and high in flavorful butterfat. Everything starts with healthy organic pasture plants. Not only does grazing give our cows exercise to keep them strong and healthy, the pasture is an organic source for vitamins and minerals they naturally crave.

Our Pasture Policy

With quality in mind, we agreed years ago on a policy that requires all the dairy farming members of our co-op to give their cows the pasture and care they need to produce delicious, nutrient-rich milk. It seems so simple, but that’s what sets Organic Valley apart—and that’s what makes our supreme heavy whipping cream a dream come true.

Girl hugging cow

Health & Happiness

With an average herd size of 80 cows, we’re able to care for every animal. We employ our own on-staff veterinarians and an animal wellness expert to help manage the health and longevity of our herds. Does animal wellness have anything to do with all the awards our farmers have won for milk quality? We think so!

Raspberries with Cream

Flavorful Creams

Our cream products are ALL certified organic and produced without antibiotics, persistent synthetic hormones and pesticides. And they’re regionally produced, so you can enjoy freshness and local flavor in every serving. The same delicious cream gets churned into our beautiful butters and makes our champion cheeses, too.

Whether it’s coffee, soups, sauces, or delicious desserts, Organic Valley cream makes a difference you can taste!

Organic. It’s all we do.

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