Our hens really have something to cluck about! Raised on family farms, they enjoy plenty of sunshine, fresh air and certified organic feed. Each farm fresh egg provides a delicious source of protein, omega-3, essential vitamins and minerals. To learn more about our egg program, visit our Transparency page.

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Chicken in flight
All brown eggs are NOT created equally

Sometimes, when people see brown eggs, they assume they’re organic eggs, but an egg’s color is simply based on the breed of chicken. Organic means much more than brown eggs.

The chicken comes first.

Our chickens aren’t caged. Their hen houses have natural sunlight and access to fresh air, and we never force molt them. We believe caring for our hens contributes to egg quality. Caring for our hens makes them happy and we believe this produces great tasting eggs. That’s why we employ staff veterinarians and an animal wellness expert to help manage the health of our flocks.

Flock of Chickens

Looking for a Few Good Eggs

We strive for quality, not quantity. Our farmer-owners feed their chickens rich, certified organic feed contributing to deep yellow yolks. In addition, some of us feed our chickens extra flax seed, which produces eggs even higher in Omega-3 fatty acids.

Hunting for eggs


Our chickens have it good, and their good fortune gets passed on to you. Every time you fry our farm-fresh eggs or crack one into your mixing bowl, you’re treated to a delicious and nutritious eggsperience--and you know you’re supporting farmers who practice humane animal treatment. OV Eggs are available in a variety of sizes plus our popular Omega-3 eggs.

Organic. It’s all we do.

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