Produced by family farmers in harmony with nature without antibiotics, synthetic hormones or pesticides. All Organic Valley dairy farms are pasture-based, meaning a major portion of the cows’ diet comes from certified organic pasture. Learn more about the nutritional qualities of pasture-raised milk.

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Cows Like Grass.

Organic Valley cows know the secret to sweet, white milk that tastes like nature intended it. They know it starts with the healthy mix of pasture plants that gives them the vitamins and minerals their bodies crave when they're out munching grass in the sunshine.

Healthy Pastures Means Healthy Cows Making Delicious Milk

With quality in mind, we set a policy years ago to give our cows the pasture and care they need to produce delicious, nutrient-rich milk. Our pasture policy is the foundation beneath the flavor of our award-winning dairy products.

Handling with Care

We know how to keep our cows healthy, naturally. Our co-op employs staff veterinarians and an animal wellness expert to help us manage the health and longevity of our cows.

It's no wonder so many Organic Valley farms win quality awards for their milk. Caring for our cows means delicious milk and happy customers, and that all adds up to a hopeful future for the family farms of our co-op.

Quality Milk, Close to Home

Our milk products are ALL certified organic and produced without antibiotics, synthetic hormones and pesticides. And they're regionally produced, so you can enjoy freshness and local flavor in every glassful. It's that same delicious milk that makes our butters, creams, and cheeses so wonderful, too.

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