You'll say "Yum!" to the delicious taste of Organic Valley Soy. Our American-grown, Identity Preserved organic soybeans and whole-bean process give you the most delicious and nutritious soy available. Organic. Itís all we do!

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All our soybeans are grown in Americaís soybean belt. We have carefully selected soybean varieties ideal for soy beverages. Nature has provided us with perfect soybeans and we see no need to isolate, concentrate or re-engineer them. We test our identity-preserved organic soybeans to be free of genetic engineering before the crop is planted. We know that non-genetically modified soybeans make OV Soy superioróanother product we are honored to produce in harmony with nature.

Dan and Joleen, and Dan Jr. and Amy Parizek

Dan and Joleen, and Dan Jr. and Amy Parizek

Tama, IA

Dan and his son, Dan Jr., farm 340 acres of organic soybeans, corn, oats, hay and rye in Tama County, Iowa. These hardworking men start out at six in the morning and donít usually turn in until ten at night. Dan Jr. also sells farm implements at a nearby John Deere dealership. Parizek Farms was certified organic in 1999. Dan decided to transition to organic because he worried about how the chemicals used in conventional farming might negatively affect his health. His dad and three brothers had cancer, and his dad and one brother died from the disease. While he doesn't know if the cancer was caused by chemicals, Dan decided it wasn't worth taking the chance. Today, the Parizeks are happy to farm using only natural fertilizers and controlling weeds by cultivating between rows periodically throughout the growing season.

Todd Boss

Todd Boss

Manchester, IA

Todd Boss and Donna Swanson grew up as neighbors and fellow 4-Hers in Manchester. Five years after they finished school, Cupid struck. Now Todd and Donna happily run the Boss family's 70 year-old farm, while living on Donna's family farm down the road. Frustrated with shrinking margins in conventional farming, in 2000 they began to convert their land to organic crops, including corn, oats, hay and of course soy. Today, T&D Farms is a family affair, with the Boss' two children, Zach and Mikaela, pitching in when they're not busy with sports. "Farming organically has allowed us to have a more sustainable, safer cropping system," said Todd. "By growing organic, we hope to get back to our roots."

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