You'll say "Yum!" to the delicious taste of Organic Valley Soy. Our American-grown, Identity Preserved organic soybeans and whole-bean process give you the most delicious and nutritious soy available. Organic. It’s all we do!

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All our soybeans are grown in America’s soybean belt. We have carefully selected soybean varieties ideal for soy beverages. Nature has provided us with perfect soybeans and we see no need to isolate, concentrate or re-engineer them. We test our identity-preserved organic soybeans to be free of genetic engineering before the crop is planted. We know that non-genetically modified soybeans make OV Soy superior—another product we are honored to produce in harmony with nature.

Allen Kerslake

Allen Kerslake

Lisbon, IA

Allen Kerslake is proud of his tidy fields, with hardly a weed in sight. They show the hard work he and his son Mark have invested in their Lisbon, Iowa farm. After 41 years of conventional farming, Allen was ready for a change. He saw other farms grow larger and larger, using synthetic additives to push production and eke out a living. But to Allen, large-scale farming didn't feel right: "I didn't want to become a slave to my farm." So he and Mark switched to organic in 1999. It took a while to learn organic practices, but now they have it down. "It's very satisfying to know I'm producing an excellent product that's wholesome and good for people. And, I'm not messing with the environment."

John Martin

John Martin

Belle Plaine, IA

Just south of Belle Plaine in Iowa County, John Martin has 160 organic acres which he works pretty much by himself. Dairy cows used to be the mainstay of the farm, and he still maintains a herd of 16 Holsteins., but organic hay, corn, and soybeans now take up the majority of John's time.

Even more than usual, John's got a very busy season ahead. He's transitioning 70 of a neighbor's acres to organic, and he'll be farming 30 of his own acres that have been out of production for 20 years in the Conservation Reserve Program. With all of this on his plate, you wouldn't believe he's 61 years old. He laughs and points out that he eats well. "I live the lifestyle,” he says. “Always have."

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