You'll say "Yum!" to the delicious taste of Organic Valley Soy. Our American-grown, Identity Preserved organic soybeans and whole-bean process give you the most delicious and nutritious soy available. Organic. It’s all we do!

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Homegrown Organic Soybeans

We love our soybeans just as much as we love our cows. Our soy is made from 100% certified organic soybeans grown on American family farms—we can prove it! Because they’re Identity Preserved, every carton from every batch of our soy is traceable to the farm that grew the beans! Enter the expiration date on your carton and meet your Organic Valley soy farmer.

We DO Know Beans About Soybeans.

We’ve been tending some of the most productive organic soil in the world—America’s soybean belt—for generations. Our accumulated wisdom has led us to carefully selected bean varieties ideal for soy beverages. In fact, our soybeans are so superior, there’s no need to isolate, concentrate or re-engineer them. Instead, we process the whole bean, which creates sensational soy— never chalky, no beany aftertaste, and no need for artificial masking ingredients.

Tasting is believing!

Beyond the beans, the flavors in our vanilla and chocolate varieties are all organic and Fair Trade. We use only a touch of organic Fair Trade unrefined cane sugar for sweetening. Organic Valley Soy earned the "National Health & Wellness Member
Tested Seal of Approval," awarded by National Health & Wellness
Club Magazine, with an overall taste approval rating of 93%.

Our No-GMO Guarantee

Our Identity Preserved organic soybeans are tested to be free of
genetic engineering before the crop is planted. We defend the genetic
integrity of the soybeans against contamination by genetically modified
organisms (GMOs) in recognition of the interdependence of all life on the earth. A farmer-owned organic co-op wouldn’t have it any other way.

World Food Processing

World Food Processing

World Food Processing is the Organic Certified, non-GMO facility where Organic Valley farmers send their soybeans to be ground for use in Organic Valley Original, Vanilla, Chocolate, and Unsweetened Soy. World Food Processing maintains Identity Preserved ingredients, which means they track soy from farm to plant to ensure that it is not contaminated with GMOs or beans from other farms. 

A Healthy Alternative

Organic Valley Soy is a great choice for those seeking lactose-free or cholesterol-free alternatives. It’s a good source of protein and fiber, and an excellent source of calcium, vitamins A, B2, B12 and D2. Enjoy it by the glass, on your cereal, or in your favorite recipes.

Organic. It’s all we do.
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