Organic. It’s all we do. In the years since our seven founding farmers got together in 1988, we've grown our offerings to over 200 premium quality certified organic products, including milk, cream, cheese, buttereggsmeat, soy, and produce.

Organic Valley products make a difference you can actually taste. (See the awards we’ve received!) The proof, as they say, is in the pudding…and everything else you create in the kitchen.

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Organic Valley, the farmer-owned cooperative, has been around since long before there was a government-sanctified definition of organic. We had to create our own standards, and to this day our definition of organic goes above and beyond the strict organic production rules of the USDA. We think of organic in terms of interdependence—between customers, farmers, employees, communities, animals, and the earth. We consider all of these relationships when we produce our organic milk, organic cheese, organic butterorganic eggsorganic soy milk, organic produce, and organic meats.

Growing Organically

When we started up in 1988, we knew that if we produced foods that were organically healthy and delicious, people would buy them. Well, it went far beyond that. Our foods began winning awards. Fans of our milk and cheese wanted more, and suggested lots of additional products. They loved the fact that we were producing such delicious foods without the use of antibiotics, synthetic hormones, or pesticides.


Lots of farmers liked us, too. They saw our mission – saving family farms – and our cooperative business model as a real opportunity for a healthy future on their farms. Family farms from across the country joined our co-op, so we created a regional model that today lets people buy milk from farms close to home, wherever they live.

Working Together

The process of getting the products from the farms to your grocery store is managed by a dedicated team of employees. They support our mission and are delighted to know  how much people enjoy Organic Valley’s delicious foods. Our employees are like an extended family—and we do our best to keep them healthy and happy (well fed, too!)

And, of course, we always try to do what’s best for our animals. That’s why they give us such lovely milk and eggs. We require 100% organic feed, outdoor access, pasture, and comfy living quarters for all of our livestock. Our staff veterinarians and our animal wellness expert help our farmer members to manage the health of their herds.

Continual Improvement

Continual improvement is the key to our organic growth. From farm plans to products to packaging to transportation to our work environment – we’re always looking for ways to improve so we can give our very best to our customers, our communities, our animals, and each other. We work from the ground up to produce the finest organic foods that taste real, because they are!

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