Around the Harvest Table

by Terese Allen, Food Editor

As the harvest hits its final weeks, fall crops are coming at us in a rush of choice: Onions, squash, sweet peppers. Broccoli, pears, apples. Potatoes, kale, cranberries. It's a time of prosperity and pleasure, of everything-all-at-once. It's a time to bake a pie or simmer a stew. To cook something that feeds the spirit as well as the stomach.

As for recipes, who better to turn to but farmers—the ones who plant seeds, tend animals and reap the season's cornucopia? Farmers are people for whom the harvest resonates profoundly—and they're the ones who know how to make magic with a tumble of options from garden and barnyard.

So we've asked five cooks from the Organic Valley Family of Farms to share their favorite late-fall traditions and dishes. We think their stories prove how, at harvest time, there's a deeper meaning that cooks inside the soul.

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