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Creamy Cooking

Rich, delicious Half & Half is your ticket to creamy, luxurious dishes and desserts. Try them with Soy Creamers too!

by Terese Allen, Food Editor


Breakfast or Brunch

Oatmeal Deluxe — You know that oatmeal is nutritious, but did you know that it could be luscious, too?  Build a righteous breakfast with Organic Valley Half & Half or Soy Creamers; oatmeal never had it so good!



Main Dishes

Linguine with Cajun Sausage Cream Sauce — There’s plenty of color and flavor in this Louisiana-inspired pasta.

Linguine with Spinach, Arugula and Lemon Parmesan Cream — A side dish (or main course) that features locally grown greens and Organic Valley dairy.



Creamy Wild Rice and Mushroom Soup — This creamy, hearty soup is a warm welcome on a crisp early spring day. Soy lovers, try this dairyless version made with Organic Valley Soy Creamer.


And for Dessert...

Pumpkin Cream Torte — An unusual layered dessert adapted from a recipe by Organic Valley farmer Beverley Thurber.

Chocolate Vanilla Pie with Meringue Crown — Creamy chocolate pudding and frothy meringue come together in this special pie.

Stovetop Peach Cobbler — Fruit-filled and lightly sweet, this cobbler— made with Organic Valley French Vanilla Soy Creamer — is appropriate for breakfast, brunch or dessert. 

Cinnamon Apple Bread Pudding — If the best things in life aren't always free, at least they should be simple. Serve this uncomplicated, one-pan bread pudding warm with applesauce, maple syrup or Organic Valley whipped cream.

Tres Leches Cake — This variation of a Latin American favorite features a butter cake soaked in two kinds of milk. A topping of real whipped cream makes the third of the tres leches (three milks) in the dessert.

Hazelnut Cream Cups — Brown sugar gives this dessert its butterscotch-y decadence. Organic Valley’s Hazelnut Half & Half lends toastiness and a lush velvet texture. 



Bowls for the Soul

Soy milk is the not-so-secret ingredient in these creamy, comforting soups.
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