Get Eggstatic About Breakfast

From sunny side up to downright elegant, organic eggs are a nutritious, economical, and versatile ingredient for a great breakfast. Check out these recipe ideas for your next morning meal!

A hearty, organic combo of potatoes and eggs with bacon, ham or the leftover hotdogs from last night's grill supper.

Creamy Slow-Scrambled Eggs
As a timeless symbol of fertility, eggs are especially fitting in spring and they get the special treatment here.

Breakfast-to-Brunch Burritos
A hearty hash of potatoes, chorizo, eggs and salsa rolled up in flour tortillas.

Bed and Breakfast Bake
from Patti and Cliff Brunner, Organic Valley dairy farmers with an on-farm B&B in upstate New York.

“Anytime” Bacon or Ham Quiche
Recipe from North Carolina family farmer Cori Lindley.

Wild Rice Pudding with Dried Cherries and Apple Saute
Proof that comfort food can be exciting, too.

Chippewa-Style Wild Rice with Bacon and Eggs
Adapted from recipe in "The Art of American Indian Cooking"

French Toast with Maple-Cranberry Compote
Hot breakfast treat for an early Spring morning.

Cheddar Cheese Souffle
Vermont Organic Valley dairy farmer Regina Beidler shares her mother's recipe, which is "Easy, light and satisfying."

Make-Ahead Buttermilk Mix for Waffles
Make up a big batch, then add eggs, milk and butter to make delicious, easy waffles without the box, the preservatives, or the big price tag. The mix is perfect for pancakes and biscuits too.

Breakfast Extras

Pasture Butter Gems
serve with waffles, muffins or toast.

Portland Market Pumpkin Butter
simple and delicious.

Incredible, Edible
Eggs for that healthy glow Organic eggs just might be the perfect, affordable food.
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