Float Through our Flavor Cloud

Use your imagination to create new flavors for your morning coffee and other (non-caffeinated) drinks that will make the kids spring out of bed. For adults, start with a cup of fair trade, organic coffee indulged with the delicious goodness of Organic Valley flavored Half & Half and Soy Creamers

But don't stop there! Float through our flavor cloud and pick some flavor combinations that will make you glow! How about mint chocolate coffee? Just add a splash of Organic Valley Chocolate Milk and a drop of pure mint flavoring and off you go!

Bring your kids on a stroll through our flavor cloud and help them create curiously delicious flavored drinks. Using warmed Organic Valley chocolate milk as a base, sprinkle on grated nutmeg and cinnamon and see how they like it. 


Name Your Flavor

Post your ideas and favorites below so we can all give them a try. Explore the different flavor combinations, and let your imagination run wild! Top it off with whipped cream - make your own!

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lynn from alabama on May 29th, 2013
cinnamon hazelnut
Cheri from PA on May 29th, 2013
Raw agave. Large squirt of carmel syrup, fresh whipped cream, extra carmel and crushed up maple sugar on top.
sandra from 92252 on May 29th, 2013
I will like to tasted a coffee that will take me back to my Latin roots & transport me there like when I was a young back home drinking my coffee with my grandmother & aunts.
Daniel from North Fort Myers on May 29th, 2013
I suggest Banana-Mango flavor
Richard from Portland, Oregon on May 29th, 2013
I think a mix of cinnamon and nutmeg in a latte with expresso would taste wonderful, and give a great morning wake up!
Melanie from Rockland County NY on May 29th, 2013
handful of strawberries, blue berries and a squirt of Hersey chocolate syrup in a blender with a cup of milk.. Taste like a treat but has good stuff too.
erin from Florida on May 29th, 2013
Kona coffee and only KONA, organic valley half n half, 1 packet of organic stevia, 4 shakes of cinnamon and 1 teaspoon of raw organic honey. Whipped cream on top is yummy too.
Michelle from Hudson, Florida on May 29th, 2013
Coconut -toasted Marshmellow
Sandy from Dayton, OH on May 29th, 2013
Cathy from Renton, WA on May 29th, 2013
I like to add milk, brown sugar, and a splash of almond extract.
kirsten from on May 29th, 2013
My favorite, Mint chocolate butterscotch!!! Sweet, but YUMMY!
Sarah from Fort Myers on May 29th, 2013
Rum Raisin
rebeccs from louisiana on May 29th, 2013
bannanna and apple
Sarah from Fort Myers on May 29th, 2013
Hemp Flavored
Sarah from Fort Myers on May 29th, 2013
Banana Nut (either Pecan or Walnut)
Karen from PA on May 29th, 2013
Coconut mocha-MMMM. Hot or cold.
Sarah from Fort Myers on May 29th, 2013
Jeannie from Ivins, UT on May 29th, 2013
I make my own with Organic Valley Half & Half, a little liquid Organic Stevia, and then doTerra Cinnamon certified pure therapeutic grade essential oil. I use a toothpick and dip it in the Cinnamon essential oil and swirl it around in the cup. I use both ends of the toothpick for a very cinnamony flavor. It makes the best creamy cinnamon coffee creamer. I like it better than the store bought ones I've purchase in the past. I didn't know until now that Organic Valley makes flavored half & half.
Sarah from Fort Myers on May 29th, 2013
Neapolitan creme - chocolate, strawberry & vanilla
Sandra L Barnes from Colorado Springs on May 29th, 2013
I drink tea with Ambrosia honey and a spot of cream and/or half and half
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