Cauliflower Au Gratin

This dish stole the show at the Edible Escape New York City tasting event. Make extra,  because your friends and family will line up for seconds and thirds!

Melting Pot Beer Cheese Soup

This hearty soup from the Inn Serendipity bed-and-breakfast is filled with the spirit and flavors of a crisp Wisconsin autumn.

Grilled Cheese with Cilantro Chipotle Pesto & Black Bean Spread

Bring a spicy Mexican flair to your grilled cheese with zesty chipotle pesto and black bean spread. 

Taxed-out Mac and Cheese

Making classic  macaroni and cheese from scratch is easier than you think. Baking gives this childhood favorite an elegant yet homey flair.

Billie's Buttered Quesadillas

A little softened butter on the grill side of the tortillas makes them gloriously brown and crispy on the outside and adds extra savor to the overall taste.

Apple Cider Cheddar Fondue

Fondue is fun food, and surprisingly fast. It's a great way to get everyone around the table, forks in hand, in less than 20 minutes!

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