Organic Sense

Green and Gold

Spring vegetables meet the best of organic cultured dairy

By Terese Allen, Organic Valley Food Editor

Asparagus, spinach, peas. Green onions, green garlic, fresh herbs. Is there any food more welcome than the green crops of springtime? How we crave that vibrant savor, that plucky nutrition, that verdant color on the plate. These are vegetables that deserve the royal treatment, so we pair them with organic ripened butter and cheese—two kinds of organically produced cultured dairy foods that offer their own vital nourishment and deep flavor.


Fresh Linguine with Asparagus, Morels and Blue Cheese
An easy, elegant dish to honor the new season.

Risotto with Spinach, Green Onions and Chives
Creamy, steamy risotto to serve on a rain-chilled day in spring.

Scrambled Eggs Benedict Arugula
For a special-occasion brunch.

Butter-Roasted Asparagus
The vegetable’s natural sweetness is enhanced when you slick it with organic butter, sprinkle it with sea salt and pepper, and roast it at high, even heat. 

Frittata with Pea Shoots and Feta Cheese
Tender, delicately delicious pea shoots get a Mediterranean treatment in this all-organic, open-faced omelet.

Spinach and Raw Cheddar Turnovers
Butter-brushed layers of phyllo dough are filled with spinach and Organic Valley raw cheddar, then baked until the pastry is crisp outside and the cheese oozes inside.

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