Let’s face it: We typically don’t associate a Super Bowl party—or really any big get-together involving a big screen TV and tons of “junk food”—as good for us, let alone earth-friendly!

So to get you in the spirit without any of the guilt, we’ve put together some delicious organic party recipes and a few tips to help your gathering make a good, lasting impression.

Use Real Dishes

Soup is especially nice in a real bowl. Real dishes and utensils will reduce waste and your guests will feel like they have box seats! If you do choose disposable, go with eco-friendly or compostable.

Fill Up on Real, Organic Cheese

Real food, made without harmful chemicals and as local as you can find, is always the sustainable choice and usually tastes better, too! Organic Valley ingredients are always organic (and delicious).

Let the People Provide the Energy

By turning down the volume, turning off some lights, and lowering the brightness on your television, you’ll create a festive mood and save energy. Make it a habit for sustainable living!

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