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Picnic Time!

Cool Summer Dishes are a Breeze with Organic Valley Cultured Dairy

Celebrate National Dairy Month with a twist: Use organic cultured dairy like sour cream, cottage cheese and yogurt. Whether you're hitting the road, a picnic potluck, or just your back patio, these easy dips, dressings and spreads could become your summer faves.


Tsatsiki—The legendary Greek combination of yogurt, cucumbers, garlic and herbs that’s a cross between a condiment, a dip, a dressing and a sauce.

Sour Cream, Apple and Horseradish Cold Sauce—A simple, spunky Polish-style sauce to pair with ham, sausage, smoked fish or chicken, or with diced cooked beets or hard-boiled eggs.

Triple Herb Fresh Cheese Dip—This zingy, healthy, all-organic dip was inspired by three Southeast Asian herbs: mint, basil and cilantro. Just the thing to go with a multi-colored platter of farmers’ market veggies.

Kheera Raita (Cucumber in Yogurt)—Soothing raita is to Indian cooking as tsatsiki is to Greek cuisine—a widely popular sauce or side dish of yogurt and cucumbers, seasoned in this case with cumin and cayenne.

Russian Vegetable Salad with Sour Cream Caraway Dressing—From Russia with love: A hearty, Moscow-worthy dressing that’s the perfect foil to root vegetables, ham, eggs and pickles—or all of the above, if you’re so inclined.

Lowfat Buttermilk Ranch Dressing—A classic dressing transformed into an organic salad blessing. Just add vegetables. It’s so creamy and refreshing, even picky eaters will get into the graze craze.

Curried Veggie Dip—This excellent dip also makes a great schmear for a sandwich, wrap or pita.

Dr. Becky's Green Onion Cottage Cheese Dip—This lowfat, lowcarb, high protein dip makes eating your veggies a snap! 

Summer Cottage Salad—Crunchy veggies and cottage cheese make this protein powerhouse salad a savory delight.

Salmon Waldorf Salad—Omega-3 rich salmon meets sweet Waldorf Salad in a tasty combination.




Silly Dilly Cheese Schmear—Versatile enough for dipping, dunking or spreading, and so easy to make, even for kids: "Look, Ma, no chopping!"

Cottage Cheese Parfait—Hearty enough for breakfast, yet perfect for a healthy dessert. Easy to make, and fun to eat for kids of all ages!


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