Orange Dreamsicle

Not since chocolate and peanut butter collided have two simple ingredients yielded so much delight! This treat is a trip in the way-back-machine to a simpler time.

Amped-Up-Berry Burst

Delicious, lowfat organic yogurt blended with organic whey protein powder and flax seed give a powerful nutritional boost to sweet, ripe fruit. This blend can be varied to include seasonal berries of every sort. Leave the greens on the berries—why not? Just one more thing to feel good about!

Undercover Green Smoothie

Like a Trojan Horse, this concoction is a stealthy, pleasing way to slip a heaping helping of leafy greens past the vegetable-averse.

Pineapple in Paradise

“Beach” is a state of mind, even in the dead of winter. This sun-inspired concoction is like a piña colada, only virtuous—suitable for pre-noon consumption.  A bend-y straw is de rigueur. A mini paper parasol, while winsome, is entirely optional.

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