Award-Winning Butter!

Organic Valley Family of Farms’ butter is prized by gourmet chefs and home cooks alike. We make it the old-fashioned way, churning the cream from our certified organic, family farmed milk. 

European-Style Cultured Butter

Organic Valley European Style Cultured Butter is made in a time-honored style of butter making that enhances the inherent sweetness of the butter and yields a superior performance in cooking and baking. This classic butter earned a blue ribbon at the 2009 American Cheese Society Awards.

Pasture Butter

Organic Valley’s Pasture Butter is a limited edition, rich and highly nutritious butter made from the milk of organic cows who enjoy nutrient-dense pasture from May through September. Pasture Butter earned 2009 awards from the American Cheese Society and the World Dairy Expo.


Recipes and serving suggestions featuring our award-winning butters.

King of the Table

Master  chef Monique Hooker reminisces about the art and craft of buttermaking in Brittany, her childhood home. As the Bretons say: "Au Bon Beurre Sale!” ("To good salted butter!)


Simple Elegance

Top chefs endorse Organic Valley European Style Cultured Butter and Pasture Butter as elegant, luscious and high-performing. Home cooks love them too. They work beautifully for anything from the fussiest of French sauces and classic pastry, to simply elegant dishes like herbed butter over succulent vegetables. Spread it on hearty breads and fine crackers, and remember it for your holiday cookies!

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