About Terese Allen, Organic Valley Food Editor

Food editor Terese Allen (www.tereseallen.com) writes about the pleasures and benefits of local foods, sustainable cooking, and culinary folklore. A former chef and the author of several books about heartland cuisine and culture, food editor Terese Allenshe has also been a food columnist for more than 16 years.

Terese was born and raised in Green Bay, Wisconsin, where her French Belgian and Polish heritage and the area's rich cultural traditions inspired a life-long passion for, and involvement in, regional food and culture. She took culinary training at the Restaurant School of Philadelphia then returned to the Dairy State, where she worked as chef and kitchen manager during the 1980's at the ground-breaking Ovens of Brittany restaurants.

Passionate about regional ingredients and what she calls "conscious eating," Terese has penned food columns for numerous publications, including Isthmus, the popular weekly alternative newspaper in Madison, and award-winning Wisconsin Trails magazine, where she was also was a contributing editor. Her cookbooks--including Wisconsin's Hometown Flavors and the acclaimed Flavor of Wisconsin (with Harva Hachten)--focus on the places where "real food" happens, like farmers' markets, food festivals, cheese factories, diners, butcher shops...and above all, home kitchens.

A cooking instructor and guest lecturer, Terese is also an editor of, and key contributor to, From Asparagus to Zucchini: A Guide to Farm-Fresh Seasonal Produce. She is a founding member and president of the Culinary History Enthusiasts of Wisconsin (CHEW) and chair of REAP Food Group, an organization that advocates for sustainable food systems.

Visit Terese's website at  www.tereseallen.com.

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