Almond Hazelnut Holiday Scones

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These scones come from Organic Valley events manager Cate Hollowitsch, who also substitutes "all sorts" of fresh fruit, chocolate chips, nuts, etc for the almonds in this recipe. "My kids love pastry items, but they always complain that scones at restaurants/bakeries are too dry.  I took my grandma’s scone recipe and added more milk to make it more moist.  My first try failed, as it was too runny. A friend suggested using Half & Half and that worked. When OrganicValley flavored Half & Halfs came out, I tried them in this recipe and got rave reviews at home."  They also got rave reviews when Cate brought them to a meeting in the office!



Scone batter:

1. In a large bowl, mix dry ingredients.

2. Using a pastry cutter, cut butter into dry mixture.

3. In a small bowl, beat together the egg, half & half, and almond extract.

4. Gradually add liquid ingredients to the dry ingredients until just moistened.

5. Drop medium size spoonfuls of dough onto a parchment paper lined baking sheet.

6. Bake for 15-18 minutes at 375. Let cool before glazing.

No-cook glaze:

Mix all ingredients, then drizzle about a tablespoon over each scone.

(For thicker glaze, add more sugar. For thinner glaze, add more liquid.)

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