Apple Cider Cheddar Fondue

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Fondue is fun food, not just because of its everyone-around-the-pot way of bringing people together, but because you can get it to table in less than twenty minutes. If you don't own a fondue pot, use a heavy saucepan instead, and plan on gently reheating the cheese sauce once or twice during dinner.

For another, more classic fondue, substitute Organic Valley Swiss for the Cheddar and dry white wine for the cider, and rub the pot with half of a garlic clove before beginning the recipe.



1. Mix cheese and flour in a bowl.

2. Combine apple cider and lemon juice in fondue pot. Bring to very low simmer; do not let it boil.

3. Add a handful of cheese and stir constantly until the cheese is fully melted. Continue to add one handful of cheese, stirring constantly and melting the cheese fully before adding the next handful.

5. After all the cheese is fully melted, stir in pepper.

6. Serve fondue with a basket of cubed bread for dipping.

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Terese from Organic Valley on October 14th, 2010
Low heat, coating the cheese with flour, and melting a little cheese at a time are all important steps to getting a smooth fondue. The type of cheese can make a difference, too. Different types melt in different ways (and some cheese don't melt at all!). Most Cheddars and Swiss-style cheeses, for example, have a smooth, flowing texture when melted properly, while mozzarella gets "stretchy-smooth."
Brenda from Winter Haven on October 14th, 2010
How well did you mix the flour and shredded cheese. I used to work in a fondue restaurant and this was the biggest problem people had when trying to fondue at home. The flour should be on every little piece of cheese or you'll get a blob of cheese that just won't get creamy and smooth. Hope this helps. {:O
jill from san diego on October 14th, 2010
I can never get the org. valley cheese to melt properly. I will try adding a little at a time.

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