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This recipe - which is really more of a guide - comes from Sofya Hundt's blog, "The Girl's Guide to Guns and Butter."  Be sure to check out her photos to see how she does it. (While you're there, enjoy the pics of her ogle-worthy newborn, Evie.)

Sofya writes:

This seductively simple but seemingly odd recipe has been circulating on the internets for some time, and although the absence of dairy held this Wisconsinite back at first, my curiosity finally got the best of me.
In this recipe, you simply melt chopped chocolate and water together over low heat and whisk the resulting mixture over an ice-water bath into mousse-like concoction.
Ive made this three times using several different kinds of chocolate, and here is what I learned in the process:
        Though the recipe seems straightforward, some people have reported that their mixture failed to whip. This is because you need a fairly high ratio of chocolate to water for this to work. If your mixture fails to whip, simply add more chocolate, reheat everything again until melted, and whip again.     
        You dont need to chop bar chocolate it will melt either way. 
        You dont need to use a pot either a microwave works just as well for the melting. (Editors note: See variations for microwave on Sofya's blog)
        Put that whisk away elbow grease is overrated, and, in this case, does not work nearly as well as a hand mixer.


5 oz  semi-sweet organic chocolate (bar or chips. Can also use milk chocolate for a milder taste)
1/3 cup water 
ice cubes (about a tray full - for ice water bath)

Organic Valley Heavy Whipping Cream (for topping)


Before you melt the chocolate, get  your ice-water bath ready: place ice cubes in a bowl and add enough water to submerge the bottom of the bowl in which you will be whipping your chocolate mixture.

Place chocolate in a pot and add 1/3 cup of water. (Note, you may find your mixture whips better with less water, if you have trouble with it the first go-round.) Whisk over low heat until melted. Your mixture will be about the consistency of heavy cream. Transfer mixture into a bowl for easy whipping and place bowl in ice bath. Be sure that no ice water gets into the bowl with chocolate.

Using a hand mixer on high, begin to whip the mixture. It will take a bit for the mixture to cool down, but once it does, it will begin to hold air bubbles. Once your mixture reaches the consistency of soft whipped cream, remove bowl from the ice-water bath. If you like your mousse soft, stop here. If, like me, you like your mousse and whipped cream fairly stiff, continue beating for a couple more seconds but be careful to not over-beat (this can happen fast).

Serve promptly with whipped cream. Note: This dessert does not keep well.


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