Crazy-Mixed-Up Burgers

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25 Minutes
Total Time
45 Minutes
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Everybody loves a good burger, but folks get tired of the same old patties. You can slather on all the condiments you want, but you'll get the same old sigh. It's like that commercial where the kids holler, "Oh no! Meatloaf again?"

Mix it up and you'll never have to hear that at supper time! These "gourmet" worthy burgers can satisfy every member of the family, because everybody can concoct their own signature burger. The interesting thing about mixing these ingredients into the burger (and we're talking Organic Prairie Ground Beef) instead of just putting them on top after cooking is this: The salt from the cheeses, olives and what have you tends to tenderize the meat AND make it juicier. This is particularly desirable when you've got beef on hand from an older animal.

After mixing a batch of ingredients with the burger, shape into patties, individually wrap each patty in plastic wrap or wax paper, then put several patties in a zip-loc freezer bag. Label each freezer bag according to the mix-ins you used in that batch of burger. Otherwise, you might mix them up and get frownie faces at the table!



1. Chop up the mix-ins.

2. Mix into the hamburger meat.

3. Shape into patties.

4. Grill 'em up or freeze 'em.


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Carol from N.Y. on June 19th, 2012
Sounds & looks yummy but making me really hungry for all.

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